2012 Fisker Karma In 3 Days? eBay Seller Wants It Gone--For Charity

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2012 Fisker Karma, offered for sale on eBay, December 2011

2012 Fisker Karma, offered for sale on eBay, December 2011

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Just can't wait for a 2012 Fisker Karma, the first examples of which are now finally arriving at dealers?

Well, you can always turn to eBay, that massive online repository for all things of all kinds. The auction site currently carries a listing for a 2012 Fisker Karma, one of two the seller says he owns, with a sweetener to justify its purchase premium: a charitable donation that rises as the sale prices goes higher.

The listing puts the car in Dallas, and the mileage is listed as "0-200 depending on my ability to not drive it," which is at least honest.


UPDATE: The seller of this car, Kevin Brand, has added quite a lot of details about his auction in multiple comments on this story. For more information--and answers to most of the questions we raise in the article--see his various comments, below.


The opening bid is given as $124,000, though we haven't seen the window sticker for the car, so we can't say how much of a markup that represents. The listing helpfully notes that Fisker just raised the price of the 2012 Karma to $106,000.

The 2012 Fisker Karma shown in the eBay listing has a White Sand exterior (helpful in the Texas sun) with a Black Sand interior (not so helpful). From the photos, the footwells still have their protective covering.

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2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport

2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport

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According to the ad copy, the seller purchased two Fisker Karmas and is now selling this one. He says he will donate 5 percent of the purchase price and 100 percent of every dollar over a sale price of $200,000 to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research.

The listing also shows a variety of matching donations from other groups to go along with the seller's donation. So for a sale price of $150,000, a total of $19,500 goes to the foundation, and if the transaction goes as high as $220,000, the amount donated is $66,500

We called the number given in the ad copy and got a voice-mail for someone whose name sounded like Edward Camacho.

2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport

2012 Fisker Karma EcoSport

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That doesn't particularly match the "Kevin B" listed as the eBay seller ID, but perhaps more worrisome to experienced eBay bidders would be the seller's minimal feedback: just six transactions listed.

Nevertheless, if we hear back from the seller and get further details, we'll add more to the story.

Especially since eBay Motors attracts all kinds of unusual vehicles--Niki Lauda's 1974 F1 Ferrari, or perhaps Charlie Sheen's 1966 NASCAR Ford Mustang, anyone?--not to mention more than its share of highly publicized contention between sloppy auto dealers and alert buyers.

And if you're itching to have a Fisker Karma--and have a fat checkbook--the auction ends in a bit more than three days.

Caveat emptor.


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Comments (29)
  1. "White Sand exterior (helpful in the Texas sun) with a Black Sand interior (not so helpful)." It doesn't matter how dark your interior is, its the exterior that matters.

  2. You don't think the sun is more attracted to the black dashboard than a white one?

  3. I've lived in Florida year round for 22 years and have found through experience that the darker your exterior the hotter the car can get, the interior plays no part. I always get black interior with either a silver, grey, or white exterior and if available I some times get red or bark brown interiors. I also know that light colored dashboards reflect more light onto the windshield and can create a distraction. Our average summers days are 90 to 96 degrees with humidity ranging from 70 to 100% and overnight lows are around 80 degrees and black cars defenately get hotter then white or silver.

  4. Well, I lived in Utah for 7 years, a place that never sees a single cloud. It was standard practice to put a white cloth over your black steering wheel or it would be so hot that you literally could not hold on to it. The better choice was a reflective interior windshield shade. In any case, black interiors are problematic, even if less important than the outside color of the car.

    But I understand your comment about dashboard color. I have also seen that excessively glossy parts of dashboards are a visibility problem as well.

  5. One more thing, there was an episode of Myth Busters on the Dicovery channel it may have been the car myths episode where they did look at car tempitures and they did check what effect the exterior color had on the inside of a car by comparing a black car to a white one. It was a while ago so I'm going to have to check and see if I'm remembering this correctly.

  6. That would be very cool.

  7. Here is some interesting information saying that the issue is somewhat complicated.
    and here is the mythbusters episode.
    saying that a black car gets to 135 and a white car to 126 but no information on the interior color issue.

  8. Well there may not be any mention of the interior temp, but I can confirm that it is a myth, I had a black car with a tan interior a while ago. And I had two temperature related issues, one was my passenger side mirror came loose after the plastic mounts deformed one summer, and the other was the emblem on my hood. I was driving one day and saw something fly over the car, it was the emblem, the adhesive that holds it over time lost it's hold due to heat and one day at about 80mph it just went. So I switched to either white or silver and have never had similar issues since, plus my interior temp overall is not an issue. And I have a family member who recently switched from black/tan to silver/black and they're loving the temp difference.

  9. I do find that a black interior can be hot but only in the spots that have been in the sun. And a black car regardless of interior color gets extremely hot inside and out. So the issue may be surface ( seats and steering wheel) temperature versus ambient temperature (heat created by dark heat absorbing body panels). White or silver reflects heat and a black or dark exteriors absorb.

  10. Well, I think we can agree that the color of surface doesn't much matter if the suns rays can't reach them.

  11. There are more comments in this thread
  12. So the guy put a starting bid that is at least 15% higher than the the cost of the car, but will donate a whopping 5% to charity...and you fell for it and are giving him publicity for this, as if he is some generous guy?
    Seems to me like this guy is trying to sell a $106,000 car for, say, $150,000, give $7500 to charity, and even after fees, pocket at least $30,000 more than the car is worth.

  13. I don't think Voelcker "fell" for anything. You can see a fair amount of skepticism in his writing, even if he didn't highlight the questionable generosity of the seller.

    But now you have highlighted this questionable generosity which I think is completely appropriate and I was struck by it as well.

    I think Voelcker was more concerned about whether or not the guy is "for real."

  14. I am "for real." My charitable contribution will be leveraged 3 times and thus becomes significant. A much bigger gift than I ever could have personally given to a help find a cure for a terrible disease that I seen the ravages of. If someone buys my car for 220,000 for example; I donate 5% of total price plus 100% of every dollar over 200,000. That is 31,000. This will be matched dollar for dollar by a challenge grant. 31,000. It will be matched by my company up to a cap of 2500 and by another Foundation to a cap of 2000. That all adds up to 66,500 to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's research. 30.2% of the 220,000. I have bought 2 of these and if they both sold for 220,000, the result is total gifts of $128,500.

  15. Sorry for the cynicism on my part. There are a lot of unscrupulous people on ebay (though most are wonderful).

    Sounds like you are doing something wonderful with the best of intentions and I applaud you for it. Best of luck.

  16. The Karma is selling, I spotted one in traffic today for the first time.

  17. Pictures or it didn't happen :) Ah never mind, please drive safely and I will believe you.

  18. No I was driving and there was too much traffic. But I can tell you that it was Shadow metallic with what looked like Earth Tri-Tone interior. I actually mistook it for an Aston Martin but soon realized it was a Karma. The closest dealer is an hour and a half so I know it wasn't a test drive either. I have a witness thank you, it was a honest sighting.

  19. That is great to hear. I can't wait to see a Karma here in Massachusetts. It is a great looking car.

  20. I am not a car dealer or professional Ebay seller. Somewhat Dyslexic, 100% confirmed. I did not enter my phone number correctly. My correct phone number is 214 801 1181. THANK YOU John Voelcker for alerting me to this! And to Edwardo Camacho, my most sincere apologies for all the calls you have errantly received.

  21. I am trying my best to create a significant gift to help find a cure for Parkinson's. This is not for somone looking to get the absolute best price or wait months to get their car at sticker. It is for someone who wants their car NOW and likes the promise that their purchase will result in a major gift to an important charity.
    I am hoping that someone who has the financial ability to pay 220,000 for the car will buy it at this premium knowing they will get it before everyone else and I just came up with a plan where the Michael J. Fox Foundation Foundation ends up with 66,500 and the buyer ends up with car they wanted! My correct phone number is 214-801-1181. Thank you for your help. Best, Kevin

  22. A few other bits about me, the seller...
    I am not in the EBay or car business.
    I have several obsessions; Two of which are beautiful cars and energy conservation.
    Parkinson's has affected my friends and clients.

  23. Thanks for the opportunity to clarify. If you buy for 125,000;The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research will get $17,000 which is 13.6% of price . 5% of whatever the selling price is, I will donate 5%. That is 6250 from me. That will be matched 3 ways. (1) dollar for dollar by challange grant, (2) up to 2500 (3) up to 2000. Just trying to leverage a gift. At 230,000, the total gift will be 66, If I could afford to, I would give everything I have to find a cure for Parkinson's. This is not for somone looking to get the absolute best price or wait months to get their car at sticker. It is for someone who wants their car NOW and likes the promise that their purchase will result in a ma

  24. My correct phone number is 214 801 1181.

  25. In life there are always uncertainties. Still, I wish there were better ways to know when someone is for real.

    "Kevin" has also listed this car on the Dupont Registry website for sale and that listing reads more like a late night infomercial rather than a good deed for charity.

    He further offers to make a deal outside of ebay which is both a violation of ebay policy (they want their cut after all) and perhaps a little unwise (ebay policies offer certain buyer protections).

    It would be nice if someone (known to GCR) down in Dallas Texas could visit the cars and tell us if they think the offer is genuine.

  26. Hi from Dallas. I have updated all the pictures in my EBay listing. I am a complete Ebay amateur. I am not a car dealer.
    Please update your story. Thank you! Kevin

  27. Thanks for the updated pictures. That looks a lot more convincing.

  28. Three hours left, and still no bids :(

  29. Unfortunately it looks like there were no bidders.

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