Winter tires

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    Unless you live in one of the more northern states -- or spend a lot of time in snow-covered mountains -- the idea of driving on ice might fill you with a sense of foreboding doom. Especially if that ice happens to be covering a very large expanse of water. Enter former Automotive X-Prize entrants Team Race-About, who have just set the first ever land-speed record for driving an electric car on ice, reaching an astonishing 161.59mph. Not content with setting a Nürburgring Electric Car Record of 8:43 in September last year, the Electric Race-About (E-RA) team from the Helsinki Metrololia...

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    Five Ways To Keep Your Gas Mileage Good This Winter

    It’s October, and for thousands of motorists in colder states that means only one thing: winter is on the way. But as the trees start to turn to golden reds, the winds start to blow and fall quickly turns to winter, here are five things you should do to help your car keep its gas mileage high...

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