• Plug'n Drive Education Center Toronto

    Breaking with routine and tradition is never easy, especially when it comes to buying, owning, and operating a vehicle powered by an internal-combustion engine. Around the world, roughly 1 billion vehicle owners stop at fuel stations and keep cars powered by fossil fuels running—and have done for a century now. Inevitably, it will take more than a few brief advertisements to help consumers understand electric cars. DON'T MISS: Go Forth Electric Vehicle Showcase in Portland: lessons learned Thankfully, various organizations have undertaken this daunting task to educate shoppers and help...

  • 2016 Nissan Leaf
    Electric-Car Range: The More You Have, The More You Use, Canadian Data Shows

    With the recent announcement by the City of Los Angeles that it would lease 288 plug-in electric vehicles, now is a good time to look at a new study from Canada on how electric cars can be integrated into large fleets. It's important because it explicitly quantifies the range anxiety that...

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