Nissan Green Program 2010

  • Nissan supercharged and direct-injected three-cylinder engine

    Hot on the heels of its new dual injector engine comes another relatively unique engine design from Japanese automaker Nissan. The latest innovative design consists of a compact 1.2-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine with direct fuel injection and supercharger technology, boosting output to what Nissan claims is equivalent to that of a 1.5-liter mill. The engine also benefits from the adoption of the Miller cycle and a fuel saving stop-start system. By adopting the Miller cycle, in which the power stroke is enhanced by the compression stroke as a result of delaying the closing timing of the...

  • Nissan dual injector four-cylinder engine
    Nissan Launches First Mass Produced Dual Injector Engine

    Nissan recently announced a range of new fuel-saving technologies that it plans to launch over the coming year as part of its new ‘Nissan Green Program 2010’ (NGP 2010) mid-term environmental strategy. The new technologies, in addition to its all-electric Leaf, focus around improving engine and...

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