Mach 1

  • Teaser for Ford Mustang Mach-E debuting at 2019 Los Angeles Auto Show

    Ford Motor Company yesterday announced a plan to build future electric vehicles at a Michigan plant that currently makes the Ford Mustang. Ironically, the plant won’t be where Ford will ramp up production next year of its Mustang-influenced all-electric performance SUV; but the move represents an important shift for Ford. Previously the automaker said that it would build a hybrid autonomous vehicle, as well as an electric vehicle, at Flat Rock. Now it’s pivoted toward more electric vehicles at the plant, and says that the plant will build models based on Ford’s...

  • Ford crossover EV teaser photo
    2021 Ford Mach E: What we know about 300-mile electric SUV

    Grab some of the pony-car attitude and affordability of the Ford Mustang. Put it into a fully electric vehicle that channels some of what makes the Tesla Model 3 Performance so much in demand, versus other EVs. Support it and nurture it. On a much-simplified level, that’s the recipe behind...

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