• Is this the new Toyota Aqua?

    The Prius family of hybrid cars from Toyota is going to get a little bigger as of January when the Japanese automaker will launch a new compact hybrid car for the Japanese market: the 2012 Toyota Aqua. According to Reuters News Service, the Nikkei business daily reports that the compact gasoline electric hybrid will achieve a gas mileage of 94 mpg on the Japanese test cycle-- making it the most fuel-efficient gasoline car to date. There’s no official pictures of the Aqua yet, but we’d like to guess that the mysterious C-segment concept shown in Toyota’s most recent Prius...

  • Lithium Air Battery
    GM Confirms Lithium-Air Battery Research to Revolutionize EV

    General Motors is quietly conducting research into Lithium-Air batteries, the next Holy Grail of electric vehicle technology, according to a Friday article in The New York Times. GM acknowledges that while the battery technology has some way to go before it is used in commercial electric cars, the...

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