Buyer Beware

  • Think City $17,995 ad campaign

    It’s well known that any sales material always uses the most attractive pricing option as a way of enticing customers to buy a product. But is it helpful, confusing or downright misleading for an electric automaker to advertise an electric car for sale at more than $17,500 less than its own Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price? Enter Think USA. Earlier on this week it sent out a marketing email to those who had registered interest in its all-electric Think City. In it the email proudly announced that the Think City was available “For as low as $17,995”. Recipients...

  • Charging socket on 2007 Toyota Prius plug-in conversion
    What Consumers Should Know About Cars Converted to Electric

    Getting custom-built cars has been a part of the auto industry for many years. From improving the power curve on a small block engine through to creating custom convertibles from anything from a Hummer H3 through to a Toyota Prius, paying a company thousands of dollars for a unique vehicle happens...

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