Small vans are big business in Europe. In cities with tight streets and for businesses with only lightweight cargo to carry, the small van is the convenient and importantly, tax-friendly answer.

It's no surprise that MINI is interested in entering the market then. It's expected to do so with a vehicle like the 2012 MINI Clubvan Concept, seen here in our live photos from the 2012 Geneva Motor Show.

While the Clubvan is labelled as a concept, a representative with the car on the MINI stand--whose appearance resembled an extra from Mary Poppins or Oliver Twist--seemed to hint that the car would see production.

Walking around the vehicle, it's clearly more production car than concept. Unlike some small vans but like all MINIs--and the Clubman the van is based on--it's beautifully-built and well-trimmed. This certainly isn't a van suited for builders and plumbers, but florists, art dealers and jewellers will love the flat, carpeted load area, and similarly-trimmed sides and headlining.

MINI hasn't confirmed an engine for the concept, but there are several options in the MINI range, including low-CO2, high-MPG diesels. On the European combined fuel cycle, the 1.6-liter, 112-horsepower turbodiesel is capable of over 60 MPG--so small business owners shouldn't find it hard to go green.

In the U.S. where larger vans are already fairly cheap, there's less demand for car-derived vans like the Clubvan. However, should MINI go ahead and release a production Clubvan, there's still a chance they'd introduce the model in the U.S, targeting small businesses looking to cut down on gas bills.

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