Venture One Featured at Opportunity Green Conference

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It's a car. It's a bike. It's...what is it? It's called the VentureOne. With fuel economy approaching 100 miles per gallon and six second 0-60 performance, it could revolutionize how we think about driving. This past weekend at the Opportunity Green Conference at UCLA, Venture Vehicles, Inc. COO Howard Levine and a panel of automotive professionals from Toyota, Mazda and Automotive Marketing Consultants discussed the challenges associated with bringing eco-friendly automotive technologies to the public.

Venture Vehicles is doing their part to put these technologies on pavement. The company calls the VentureOne an "urban life vehicle." It seats two people and has all the amenities of a modern car, but it's not like any car on the road today. That's because while the two wheels in the back roll along like those of any other car, the front wheel and the passenger compartment tilt like a motorcycle. The company describes this experience as "Flying the Road."

The VentureOne will come in three flavors. The 50 kilowatt and 100 kilowatt models will utilize a plug-in parallel hybrid system offering up to 20 miles of pure electric driving with a full range between 300 and 400 miles on six gallons of gas or ethanol. An all electric version will offer 120 miles per charge. Prices are expected to be in the mid $20,000 range. Having only three, wheels, it's considered a motorcycle by federal law, but thankfully Venture is working with state legislatures on license and helmet exemptions. California already has these exemptions and the vehicle is expected to launch there in early 2010.

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