First 2014 Chevrolet Spark EVs Now At CA, Oregon Dealers

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2014 Chevrolet Spark EV recharging at Keyes Chevrolet, Van Nuys, CA

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV recharging at Keyes Chevrolet, Van Nuys, CA

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Add one more battery-electric vehicle to the list of electric cars for sale in California (if not the rest of the U.S.).

The 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV is now available for purchase or lease at several dealerships in northern and southern California, as well as a few in Oregon.

About a hundred of the electric minicars arrived last week at the San Francisco Bay Area port of Benicia, and are being delivered by truck this week to dealers in both states.

Our photo shows one of the very first Chevy Spark EVs being prepped for sale at Keyes Chevrolet, in Van Nuys, California.

Keyes is, incidentally, the nation's fifth highest-selling dealer of Chevrolet Volt range-extended electric cars this year--so it knows plug-in electric cars.

Another 175 Spark EVs arrived at Benicia earlier this week, and will be distributed to dealers by the middle of next week.

GM appears to be more enthusiastic about the 2014 Spark EV than if it were simply a compliance car, as many surmise.

There's been "a lot of excitement and anticipation" over the Spark EV, said Shad Balch, GM's manager of environment and energy policy and communications, "particularly out West,."

"We know that the Spark EV will attract first time electric-car buyers," he continued.

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV

2014 Chevrolet Spark EV

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But, he said, the state of California's $2,500 purchase rebate for the car "seals the deal."

The 2014 Chevrolet Spark EV is priced at $27,495 and up before Federal and state incentives, and is also available on a three-year lease at $199 per month.

It is rated at 82 miles of range by the EPA, which gives it an efficiency rating of 119 MPGe.

(A Miles-Per-Gallon-Equivalent is a measure of how far the car can travel electrically on the amount of energy that's contained in 1 gallon of gasoline.)

Unusually, InsideEVs first reported the arrival of the Spark EVs on Monday.

How'd that happen?

"The cars arrived in Chevy showrooms even earlier than we had hoped," Balch said.


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Comments (27)
  1. I am curious to see how well this car moves off the lot, whether lease or sale deal. It seems too good to be true, frankly, at the price listed. If the EPA rating is 82 miles, then a careful driver might easily get close to 100 miles per charge. And with a DC fast charger, you could really do some travelling in this little sucker.

  2. People can get 100 miles out of the Leaf (the 2013 goes 84 miles on a full charge, so very similar), but only by keeping their speed lower than what would be adequate on highways, e.g. 40~50 mph max.

    Definitely quick-charging is key, unfortunately it's not an option on the Spark yet (expected late 2013), and GM chose a standard different than what is already deployed, so no compatible public QC station exist today either.

  3. Don't bring them to Southern Arizona, unless the battery system design is better than the Nissan Leaf's. Otherwise it will wilt too and make customers angry.

  4. Apparently the spark has a thermal management system for the battery which the leaf does not have.

  5. The Spark EV has a full liquid thermal management system unlike the Leaf. And it has 400 ft-lbs of torque and should do 0-60mph in 7-8secs range unlike the Leaf (even though some stupid Leaf bloggers might say so otherwise).

  6. You may dislike the Leaf but why are you calling Leaf owners who claim fast acceleration stupid? I accelerated from a red light into the freeway and reached 60 mpg in 7 seconds, recorded by my wife sitting next to me. Why does that make me a stupid person?? :-(

  7. "I accelerated from a red light into the freeway and reached 60 mpg in 7 seconds, recorded by my wife sitting next to me"

    First of all, you reached 60mpg? Second of all, recorded by your wife with what? A clock?

    That is the LEASE scientific method of measurement. Idiotic in terms of "measurement".

    Take it to the race track and use instrument and verify it.

    By using a "wrist watch" to measure it, you already explained why that method is "stupid"...

  8. So now both the method as well as the drivers, including myself, are stupid? Can a smart guy like yourself explain why starting from a standing position and reaching the 60 mph speed in a time frame measured by a stop-watch is "stupid" and "idiotic in terms of measurement"? How do you measure time?

    I can understand if you write: "You are lying" or "You must have had tail-wind" or "Are you sure you measured correctly?". What I still don't understand is why you call people with the claim "stupid"? How can you judge a person you haven't met and know nothing about, only based on one statement? Is it really smart?

  9. I'd be interested to hear if any Volt owner looking for their next car decide to buy the Spark EV. If its true that PHEV owners charge more then EV owners maybe some Volt owners will decide to ditch the generator because they just don't use it enough to deem it necessary.

  10. I've got less than a year left on my Volt lease and I am definitely thinking about it. I don't really *need* the range extender very often and if I had more battery range, I probably wouldn't need it at all. I do occasionally make a longer trip of about 170 miles, but I could rent a gas car for those... just not sure about the size and amenities. I like the Volt and I like having the hatchback with fold-down rear seats, nav, Bose, etc. I don't know if the Spark would work for me in those areas.

  11. It's elec-trick! With the rebates and incentives, it'll sell well. Way to go, GM!

  12. I can't wait to try out the 400 ft-lbs of torque from 0-4,800 rpm and the low leasing rate should at least sell very well in CA since CA is paying for the first year of that 3 year lease for the Spark EV with their $2,500 rebates. That is FREE 1 year lease with 3 year lease agreement at $199/month.

  13. I'm in NY and tried to put money down on one last month from a CA dealer. I was told that Chevy gave dealers strict instructions not to ship them out of state.

  14. You would have to "Buy a slightly used version" then...

  15. I had a chance to test drive the Spark EV at Maker Faire this year. It's a fun, sporty little car. Its high torque numbers and lower weight definitely make it feel sportier than the Leaf. I think you'll probably enjoy it.

    Now if they get Frankenplug DCFC chargers on the ground in CA...

  16. Consumer Reports is already speaking with very favorable words with the new Spark EV. I guess CR is jumping on the EV bandwagon.

  17. I'm not a fan of these 'kiddie cars." When will they apply the hybrid tech to larger cars ?

  18. @Harry Piels:

    Why do you refer to EV's as "kiddie cars"?There are a number of EV's including the Tesla, Leaf, and the Volt are described as mid sized cars. Besides I keep looking in my rear view mirror as I see IC's and Hybrids receding in the distance from a stop light. Gives me a warm feeling :)

  19. I understand the desire for a larger car, but "kiddie car," come on. As for "hybrid tech," the Prius has several versions to choose from and if a range extended EV {aka hybrid} is your preference, you might try Chevy's Volt. It's a very nice car in its own right.

  20. Hey I am the owner of this first Chevy Spark EV sold at the Van Nuys Keyes Chevrolet and I set up a blog specifically to give information on my experiences with the car as I am the only person in the country with one as of now. I know there is little known about them and I am here with information to help. Check it out at

  21. Congratulation on your new purchase.

    A 3.3KW 240V L2 charger is cheap these days. The $499 Voltec charger from Chevy will work just fine. So will the $695 Clipper Creek LCS-25 (4.8KW) and it is rated for outside usage.

  22. Thanks! I'll look into it

  23. There's an EV owner's meet up in Culver City, CA tomorrow (Sat, June 22) at 10AM at the Helm's Bakery parking lot. I have a Spark EV and will gladly let anybody take 'er for a spin! (Discolosure! I work for GM and my Spark EV is a company car.)

  24. Would be interested to see what happens to Leaf sales when this car is sold in mass.

  25. I actually got to take a tour of the facility in Maryland where the electric motors for the Spark are made. It's pretty amazing to see. GM built a huge new addition to accommodate the equipment, and they even installed solar panels that offset 10-25% of their electricity usage.

    Each motor is inspected very thoroughly for build quality throughout the process, and almost all of the parts were designed by GM engineers and are machined in house. During testing, the motors are tested to last 2 lifetimes of the vehicle they are being put in.

    From what I learned there and from what the plant manager said, GM is really trying to get their foot in the EV door. It's pretty amazing to see one of the Big 3 investing so heavily in this technology!

  26. Bring it, GM!

  27. Gas is SO 20th Century!

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