Is Belgian Granny Sex Rap The Key To Selling Electric Cars? (Video)

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Take one very small Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric minicar with a flower decal on the side.

Fold in three severe Belgian elderly ladies with disapproving looks.

Incorporate one blatantly obvious occurrence of plumber butt in public.

Then add one young motorcycle police officer to the resulting mix.

Stir to a one-minute boil with a mildly hiphop backing track.

The result: A surprisingly amusing ad for a Belgian car rental service's new electric fleet.

Or as the Google Translate version of the YouTube caption says, "What happens when you put three plucky tomatoes in an electric car?"

What do you think: Is this a better way to market electric cars than than polar bears or even romantic young couples?

Leave us your thoughts in the Comments below.

Again back to Google Translate for the ad's closing line: "Electric drive with're so get away."

(It reads much better in the original: Je bent er zo mee weg.)


[hat tip: J-C St-Pô]


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Comments (9)
  1. Do the rap lyrics indicate that they should put the top down? That's not going to happen in an i-MiEV

  2. It sounds more like "paint the town" as in the expression, paint the town red.

  3. I think the "older" market is very under-represented in marketing for small cars in general, and electric cars in particular. These are the people who can afford to buy them, and are willing to take chances on something different! I liked it!

  4. With our older population growing like mad and the younger population reducing their reliance on automotive transportation I think marketing for an older crowd is a good idea. Older folks are also more likely to be frugal and are impressed by efficiency. The trick is to make the technology as simple as possible to operate. No one likes being forced to read the manual for something as simple as running the AC!

  5. That ads won't fly here in the US. But so many people are afraid to drive a "perceived" old people car...

  6. I don't think it's any help at all. This would be appropriate for advertising one EV vs. another when they're an accepted mass market offering, but EV ads today really need to emphasize the advantages of going electric. This ad does nothing of the sort - it may as well have been for a Honda Fit.

  7. I agree. Show someone waiting in a long line at a gas station and/or getting fuel in their hands. Then show someone unplugging their EV and driving away without stinky hands. Then show the first person waiting for an oil change while the EV neighbor drives by. Then show the EV owner on vacation with the money they saved from not buying fuel and the first person is sitting at a desk at work. Classic narratives are all you need for it to make sense to people.

  8. Bingo. Those examples are right on the money. EVs are a little pricey for the size and amenities, and not suitable for road trips (except Teslas), but in every other way the EV ownership experience is immeasurably more satisfying. I suspect part of the problem is that every major EV but Tesla comes from a company also trying to sell gasoline ICEVs, and ads extolling the virtues of EVs would do too much to remind everyone of the hassles of ordinary car ownership.

  9. ...something about this reminds me of the KIA hamster commercials for SOUL. Somehow, for me, this commercial with 'old women' that aren't stuck in the mud (as depicted by their friends) is a positive that will stick in my mind. I'm not sure everyone else will feel that way, but I like it.

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