Nissan Offers Almost $10K Cash Back On Leaf Electric Cars

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2013 Nissan Leaf (Japanese trim)

2013 Nissan Leaf (Japanese trim)

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If you want a Nissan Leaf then getting one before the start of January could net you a hefty cashback offer right now.

Some Nissan dealers are advertising a $9,775 cashback offer direct from Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp (NMAC), Nissan's car finance arm.

The offer has been running since the start of December, and ends on January 2, 2013.

Details on the offer through the dealer websites are limited, but the offer appears to apply solely to lease customers.

The cashback deal should clear Nissan's current stock of Leaf models, before the updated 2013 car is revealed at January's Detroit Auto Show.

Full details for the 2013 Leaf haven't yet been revealed, though the new model is set to include a cheaper model with lower equipment levels than the current Leaf SV.

Buyers interested in the current finance deal should enquire at their local Nissan dealer for more information.

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Comments (17)
  1. You're telling us about this now? Instead of early December? Jeez...

  2. Apologies Mittar, but in the absence of a time machine, we're unable to report on things before we know about them ourselves.

  3. Understood, but we rely on you guys to bring us news about this kind of stuff, better get cracking on that machine ;)

    It's no biggie right now as I'm not in the market, but I'll be keeping my eyes pealed for deals of this type in the coming months...

  4. In other words:
    Nissan dealers are offering a DEEP DISCOUNT on last year's (deeply flawed) model to make room for the new year's model, which still hasn't been priced--or announced with PROVEN features that will restore layman car shoppers confidence in the battery technology and/or its driving range.
    Um. K.

  5. Eng: Post your "facts". How is the LEAF "deeply flawed". Otherwise just shut up.

  6. What do you mean by "deeply flawed"??! We own a 2011 Leaf since July 2011 and have had no issues or problems with the car. We are also leasing a Ford Focus electric since November 2012 and have already experienced the panel not starting, changing the clock on its own, and re-setting things several times in less than two months. I seriously wish I knew Nissan would come up up with this offer and got a Leaf instead.

  7. I wish they were doing this in the UK, best I've seen so far is £2200($3500) off the list price of £26k($41k). I'd bite their hand off.

  8. So this is $17,000 off the list price or $9,775? In other words, is it really $9,775 in cash or is the $7,500 gov't rebate + a little bit extra. The former would be compelling, the latter not even remotely interesting in a lease as it would alter the payment by next to nothing.

  9. I was waiting for battery/range improvement, but the lease deal I got earlier this month made it worth jumping in even though I know improvements are coming. It's just a 2 year lease and I get to take the $5000 GA tax credit, so less than $1000 out of pocket.

  10. I got a deal I could not pass up, too. Just leased 2012 SL for 2 years, 15K miles per year, $0 down, $278/month (including all taxes, dealer fees, costs, etc.), and can take CO tax credit of about $2100.00. What were your 24-month terms? I am interested in what lease terms others have gotten in the past month.

  11. Too bad they can't price it right from the start to avoid sticker shock instead of the number game.

  12. This should move some Leaf before end of year.

    I wonder what is going to happen to all those Leaf off the Lease in 2-3 years?

    I might be able to pick one up cheap off lease in 2 years.

  13. A source close to those at Nissan discussing this very matter related to me that there may be a high likelihood Nissan will offer to retrofit the existing leased Leafs w/ the next gen Leaf battery pack setup for a nominal cost. This will make it easiser for Nissan to try n keep those current leasees in their Leafs after their leases are up n they could just pay the residual amount to own them outright. We'll see...

  14. "nominal cost"? Well, if that is the case, then buying a "new" Leaf would be pointless since the used EV don't wear out much except for the battery.

    I will believe it when I see it.

  15. Here's the video on the latest Leaf news....


  16. @MrEnergyCzar: Actually, the news you report in that December 26 video is more than a month old. We covered it here on Nov 20:

  17. I contacted my Nissan dealer and asked all the questions about getting the best leasing deal. According to my local dealer, they offered such a large figure because NMAC gets the $7500.00 tax credit since it's a lease. It was moot anyway, because not one dealer withing 50 miles of me has one in stock.

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