Fox Anchor Hates Volt, Loves Infiniti LE, Claims It Was His Idea

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Neil Cavuto Loves Infiniti LE

Neil Cavuto Loves Infiniti LE

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If you’re a regular here at GreenCarReports, you’ll already be familiar with a Mr. Neil Cavuto, presenter and Senior Vice President of Business News at Fox.

He is, in his own words, a vocal electric car skeptic. 

But something unusual happened during a recent segment on Fox: the 53-year old said something nice about an electric car.

As Cavuto has pointed out numerous times in the past, he’s skeptical of any car that plugs in, calling cars like the 2012 Chevrolet Volt “a lot of money for very little.”

When covering the Infiniti LE all-electric luxury sedan, however, due to enter production next year as a 2014 model with wireless inductive charging as standard, Cavuto was exuberant. 

“Infiniti has come up with a plug-in that gets it,” said Cavuto. “Because it’s a plug in that doesn’t plug in at all!”

Based on the same technology in the 2012 Nissan Leaf and unveiled as a concept car at this year’s New York Auto Show, we know very little else about the luxury sedan, save for its 100-mile estimated range and refined, elegant styling. 

For Cavuto, however, the details were not important.

Calling it a “marriage-saver, because no longer will couples have to fight over who forgot to plug in the electric car,” Cavuto appeared unusually switched on to this particular electric car.

He even went so far as to suggest that the Infiniti LE’s impending release would diminish sales of every other electric car on sale today. 

Addressing the rest of the electric car industry -- all of whom rely on traditional conductive charging solutions at present -- Cavuto shared his wisdom on screen. 

“For every other car maker the message is clear,” he said. “You wanna charge your electric sales? Take your plug out of the wall and start all over.”

Plug-in electric cars, he said, had no future. 

“If only they had listened to me, because this was my idea!” Cavuto said in a disappointed tone.

2012 Infiniti LE Concept

2012 Infiniti LE Concept

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While he gave no specifics, we can assume he was referring to the concept of wireless inductive charging.

“They could have saved themselves a lot of money, but they didn’t did they?” he moaned in more familiar tones. “Because they thought they knew everything.” 

“It turns out I knew everything...almost everything,” he concluded. 

If that’s true, perhaps Mr. Cavuto should consider a job in the automotive industry, an industry that usually takes years and years to master.

We await his career change, and wisdom, with eager anticipation. 


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Comments (48)
  1. Sometimes hard to tell the difference between the Colbert Report and "real" news.

    "Lots of cars you don’t have to plug in get as much or better mileage than those that do." ??? Really.
    Seems like my Prius is the best ICE on the market with 50 MPG and plug-ins get twice that in MPGe.

  2. John, Are you attributing that quote to Colbert? You know his show is satire, right? He's making fun of conservative politicians that have said such things.

  3. Colbert is indeed very funny. He loves to make fun of the most ridiculous sayings of the ultra right wing Republicans like Michele Bachman claim that members of the Muslim brotherhood are infiltrating the government. He was interviewing Democratic congressman Keith Ellison of MN that night and he asked Keith what he thought of Michele Bachman's claim. Keith went on to explain that there is no evidence what so ever of any outside political group such as the Muslim Brotherhood infiltration our government and that Bachman’s claim is without evidence and false. Colbert then asked Keith if he has any siblings and Keith said yes and Colbert said “ah ha” I caught you since you are a both a Muslim and a brother. Pretty funny stuff.

  4. Ah, yes, I know, but thanks for explaining anyway.

    What I was thinking was really the other way around. Perhaps Cavuto no more believes what he is saying than Colbert. Cavuto is so over the top, it is hard to think he actually believes what he is saying. News "theatre" ?

  5. This guy is really stupid, inductive charging isn't a breakthrough it's just another way to charge. There is nothing wrong with plugging-in he's just trying to find fault no matter how small the fault is, so he can justify he's fear of electric cars.

  6. Possibly. Or perhaps now that Fox is allowing other views to surface regarding EV's and the Volt. Perhaps it's his round about way of saying, I never said driving electrically was bad, just that plugging in was dumb.

  7. Still you have to admit plugging-in is extremely easy, and the physical interaction is similar to using a gas pump. Getting people into something new has always been hard because people get comfortable with what they have so they will resist. Talking about electric cars with some people reminds me of the time I taught my grandmother how to use the internet.

  8. Yes I agree. It’s not that big of a deal to plug in your car. However I bet Tesla and other EV manufacturers will most likely be selling a charging pad soon that allows you to recharge your car cordlessly since It would allow them to remain competitive by offering a cordless recharging option to compete with Nissan's Infinity luxury car line high end EV offering. Even if Tesla doesn’t offer a cordless recharging option I would still rather get a Tesla Model S before I would get a range compromised (100 mile max) reskined Leaf even If I had to plug it in manually.

  9. Why should we pay any attention to anything that Fox News has to say?

    They are "opinion" network for idiots...

  10. The reason we should pay attention is because Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and their ilk have taken a good 20% of the potential EV buying public off the market. We cringe when we see Neil Cavuto spew his lies, but the morons who listen to him believe him. They will not be buying EVs any time soon, and that's the real problem.

  11. We cringed, when we tax payers put up 50 billion dollars and five years of no federal taxes to give General Motors to the Labor Unions by our Communist President! You should watch Fox News, but I don't think you have the guts for the truth!

  12. "Those words" are Fox News word. We have found the "target" audience...

  13. Do you mean the money that was approved under Bush and executed under Obama? No federal taxes b/c it carry loss forward as in capital gain loss... Everybody can do that. I would think at least someone (who seems to be a Republican) is smart enough for to figure the tax codes out...

    Now, you have watched too much Fox opinions instead of "news"...

  14. @Joe: This is your friendly site moderator here. Please confine your comments to the topic at hand, and do not insult other commenters. If you've been on this site with any frequency, you will have seen the tone we're striving for.

    We welcome robust discussion on the issues in any given article. We do not welcome commenters who say rude things about others. And we WILL disable their comments if such behavior continues. Thank you.

  15. There are more comments in this thread
  16. Spoken like a true idiot that you are! Maybe your panties are just to tight!!!!

  17. @Joe,

    Really? I guess you are one of those brainless ones that believe everything that Fox news says. BTW, I have read your past posts and they are full of lies. You said that "Volt is mostly bought by the government". Show me the proof? You can't, can you? Hybrid cars explained that 90% sales of the Volt are private owners.

    "My panties are just to tight?" Maybe you need to understand the difference between "to" and "too" and then you can remove yourself from the group of "idiots"...

  18. @Joe: This is your friendly site moderator here. Please confine your comments to the topic at hand, and do not insult other commenters. If you've been on this site with any frequency, you will have seen the tone we're striving for.

    We welcome robust discussion on the issues in any given article. We do not welcome commenters who say rude things about others. And we WILL disable their comments if such behavior continues. Thank you.

  19. Boy, you should fit right in!!!

  20. What everyone needs to do is to look at where electric comes from. It is 13% renewables, 65% of which is hydro and biomass. In spite of a decade of tax giveaways to unreliable solar and wind, until we are willing to double or better electric rates we will not see much change in the composition of electric production.

  21. My Volt is charged via solar, both at work and at home!

  22. Variable is not the same as unreliable. Prediction of both wind and solar power for the day-ahead market is actually very good.

    And in some places, the sun is very reliable (but I understand that people living in climates like Arizona don't like that very much).

    Solar PV is on its way to become the cheapest source of electricity before 2020.

    And you conveniently forgot to mention the many billions of tax money thrown at nuclear and fossils.

  23. What ever your smoking its probably illegal!!!

  24. I think you meant "you're".

  25. @Joe Engelhardt,

    first, it is "whatever".

    Second, you are probably "stupid" from being exposed with too much radiation...

  26. @Joe: This is your friendly site moderator here. Please confine your comments to the topic at hand, and do not insult other commenters. If you've been on this site with any frequency, you will have seen the tone we're striving for.

    We welcome robust discussion on the issues in any given article. We do not welcome commenters who say rude things about others. And we WILL disable their comments if such behavior continues. Thank you.

  27. My electricity is delivered to my roof as sunlight every day. I simply collect it to charge my car and power my house.

  28. There are more comments in this thread
  29. The guy is NOT stupid. He's just playing for the mob that's stupid.

  30. You're saying he's acting stupid for the stupid mob? That would make him an actor and/or a person of low character.

    No, I think he is saying what his narrow, little mind thinks. In this area, on this topic, he is obviously ignorant and he said some "stupid" comments.

    Quick to the draw Briggs mentioned the Colbert Report above. Later this decade, Colbert and/or the Daily Show will show Cavuto's recent EV comments alongside him reversing himself later this decade...making a shortsighted fool of himself...again.

  31. There are no "reporters" on FOX. It's all an act, man. Extremely destructive but still a whole load of BS and they all know it. It's sad because it splits the country apart but the shyet will come around or will it...

  32. Fox news-personalities are indeed actors. Just watch The Five a few days. You will eventually see the scripted lines and the ploy they are all operating under. I just wish one would break free and write a book. But they probably have golden hand-cuffs and a non-disclosure agreement binding them.

  33. They are all puppets of daddy Murdoch and his ethics have been revealed.

  34. Neil Cavuto knowing anything about cars, business, or anything beyond how to wear a tie clip is a miracle. But lets' face it, Fox News is foreign owned, and anything MADE IN USA is a hateful notion. Their mission is to drive all industry, intellect, and Americanism out to Asia. Let America die is the Faux News way.

  35. The gentleman has, sadly, some serious issues. I can remember when he went on air literally crying. To sermonize how minorities buying homes, somehow through the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977, toppled the worlds economies. Despite the fact that the housing bubble had crashed two years earlier and the economy didn't even sneeze until gasoline neared 5$ a gallon in 2008.

    Not working at the highest levels of critical thinking. If you buy an EV and your marriage suffers from plugging in, buy an after market wireless EVSE to fix it right up. If such a things happen. There, problem solved.

    Don't know if there is a clip of Mr, Cavuto's "news" segment I mentioned, but here is an interesting one.

  36. Clearly, Cavuto is rich enough that the several thousand dollars extra it will cost to save 1 minute a day with an electric cord is worth it. From my own myoptic point of view, I thought no one would be willing to pay such a steep premium, but obviously I am wrong. I have to assume that Cavuto pays someone to fill his gas car, because it would be too onerous (or maybe demeaning) to do it himself.

  37. This guys just funny... He is Ignoring the fact that wireless charging was tested on and developed for the GM Volt first ( after all , with 22,000 on the road it is the single largest EV market and the fastest growing EV segment ). He is also taking credit for the work of dozens of engineers, REAL business men, and other risk takers who for the last six years have been striving to make wireless charging a reality.

  38. Is it me or does this article end with a implied " douchebag" aimed at Cavuto?

    That is some excellent writing, I am now a fan!

  39. Someone should tell this guy Induction charging is not widely available and flexible, and not as efficient as hardwired. And that induction based charging can be added to the Volt, if so desired. Also, if someone forgets to plugin a Volt, its not the end of the day (unlike the Leaf). you can still burn dino-juice and go through the day .. no problems there!

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