Discontinued 2011 Think City Electric Cars For Sale: $22,300

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New 2011 Think City for sale via liquidation, March 2012

New 2011 Think City for sale via liquidation, March 2012

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UPDATES, April 11, 2012: Since this article was published on March 30, we've received the following updates:

  • This morning, Mission Valley Ford received a truckload of 10 Think City vehicles from the Indiana factory, though most are already spoken for;
  • Sales and service are only available in the San Jose area; Bob Garzee is working on the LA area, but other areas are not supported at this time;
  • The San Jose price is now $22,300, not $22,500;
  • Think is offering a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty; and
  • Cars can potentially be shipped from the Indiana factory to other locations.

In retrospect, it may be that a 10-year-old design for a plastic-bodied two-seat electric minicar was not what the U.S. market wanted.

Especially at a list price of $35,495, higher than that of a brand-new 2011 Nissan Leaf, which had twice as many seats, twice as many doors, a longer range, and a known brand name.

But now's your chance to own a new 2011 Think City minicar for less.

A lot less.

There are roughly 150 brand-new cars for sale nationwide, at a price of $22,300 $22,500.

The 2011 Think City is eligible both for a $7,500 Federal income-tax credit and a $2,500 California purchase rebate, bringing the post-incentive cost down to $12,500.

As a zero-emission vehicle, the City is also eligible to use high-occupancy vehicle lanes with just a single occupant in California and other jurisdictions.

The cars are being liquidated following the bankruptcy of Think Global last June, and the shutdown of Think's U.S. assembly plant located in a former RV plant in Elkhart, Indiana.

PHOTO GALLERY: Think Assembly Plant Tour, Indiana (March 2011)

Think now has a new owner, Russian lumber baron Boris Zingarevich, who was also the majority shareholder in Ener1, which had a stake in Think. Ener1--which owned Think's battery supplier, EnerDel--followed Think into bankruptcy in January.

Think City assembly plant, Elkhart, Indiana, Jan 2011

Think City assembly plant, Elkhart, Indiana, Jan 2011

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In California, the liquidated 2011 Think Citys are being sold by Jerry Pohorsky and Bob Garzee. Yesterday, the two men received a demonstration Think City in black (cars are also available in red and blue).

Thus far, they say, more than a dozen Californians have expressed interest in purchasing a Think.

They'll have the car on display and available for test drives this weekend at Mission Valley Ford in San Jose, California, starting at 10 am. Any sales will be transacted through that dealer.

While their demonstrator is for sale as well, Pohorsky says they intend to keep it for several days at least before selling it, to let interested buyers test it out in real-world driving.

He was told that the bulk of the unsold Think Citys remain in Indiana. Any cars sold will be shipped to dealers who can officially sell the vehicles or to other destinations by arrangement.

Think City assembly plant, Elkhart, Indiana, Jan 2011

Think City assembly plant, Elkhart, Indiana, Jan 2011

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CAUTION: Buying cars from a closed automaker is a high-risk undertaking, and while Pohorsky says they come with a warranty, it's unclear that claims will be accepted into the future.

The few hundred Saab 9-5 sedans left on sale after Saab closed were sold with no warranty at all--although a small two-seat electric car is mechanically much simpler than a large luxury sedan, making the Think potentially easier to service and repair.

Note that Garzee and Pohorsky are only selling the Thinks in California.

In other areas, the liquidator will have contracted with other people or companies to sell them.

If the U.S. arm of Think goes back into production, the two men plan to distribute the cars for fleet sales. Through his company, Synergy EV Financial, Garzee offers both support services and financing for fleet sales.

For serious buyers only, Garzee can be contacted at 408-500-1740, and Pohorsky at 408-464-0711. Mission Valley Ford can be reached at 408-933-2300; ask for Jeff Speno.


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Comments (25)
  1. Wow, at $12,500 (after incentives) the price is amazing. Too bad there isn't some more certain way to manage the risk of mechanical breakdown.

  2. What parts? There's no engine. Yes there is some suspension parts, but if you read the onwers manual the frist service isn't until 40,000 miles and that says ck brakes. I've been driving one and i love it !!!!! NO MORE GAS !!!!!BEATING THE OIL COMPANIES IS GREAT !!!

  3. Th!nk has had a few design problems in the past, but I think they've been addressed. I WISH I could get a Th!nk in Michigan at 12.5k! But the best I've heard of here is around 18k. That is too close to the i-MiEV for me to consider purchasing.

  4. Inferior designs will always fail. So what that its an electric. People will only buy an EV car if it is practical and cost competitive to an extent. This clown car was more expensive and had less range and costed more than the Nissan Leaf so it was a failure. We have to get away from this mindset that an EV has to be less of a car than ICE car. It apears that only Tesla truely understands that an EV will need to be not just as good as an ICE car but better since all of the large auto manufactures are making EV's that can only go 75 to 100 miles at most on a charge. I suppose like John Briggs mentions that at $12,500 the severly comprimised urban commuter may be worth while since its cheap and could save you lots money in gasoline costs.

  5. Mark the Think didn,t fail due to its design its just more suited to European cities than America.This is also why the Smart sells better in Europe.Your term "clown car" describing anything other than the norm ie your concept of what constitutes a suitable car does not apply to everyone's idea of a car.If you think lower range and smaller size means less of a car and failure you are not considering practicalities of design. One main factor in the Think design brief "city use" meant it would be small (2 seat)and range just for this environment and no more. With this in mind why would one want a five seater 100 mile range? Its like using a semi when a PU will suffice.
    This mindset is partly whats wrong in America today.

  6. Mark the Think didn,t fail due to its design its just more suited to European cities than America" Yes we live in America and if you do not design a practical vehicle for American roads then its not going to sell. Also the Plastic body panals in the High definition picture appear dull and the overall appearance of the vehicle looks sort of dated and even a bit cheap. I also do not like the Smartfortwo either since its a totally impractical design and Motor Trend reviewed one and said its slow, rides rough and the tansmission shifts poorly. Motor trend said for the same amount of money you could buy a Toyota Prius or Camery and have a fine car. I do however like the Prius and the Leaf since both of them are practical cars that seat 5 adults.

  7. "I also do not like the Smartfortwo either since its a totally impractical design and Motor Trend reviewed one and said its slow, rides rough and the tansmission shifts poorly". Maybe impractical for America but looking at things like this and taking revues as gospel means your missing out on a lot of interesting motoring experiences.As a young man I ran a Triumph TR3 that rode rough leaked when it rained and had no dealer back up but boy was it fun.Ive had very few conventional cars and don't remember any but the forty or so odd balls have made for a rich and interesting experience, I can remember each and every one. I've found Its one thing to use a car yourself and form an oppinion compared to reading anothers possibly biased oppinion.

  8. Don you are right on it!

  9. Would love to pick one up, but cracked windscreens in Colorado are a regular event, I'd have to know I could get some parts at a reasonable cost.

  10. It may be worth going to the yahoo think ev group to ask them. Surprisingly some of the parts on the Think were interchangeable with standard auto makers.

  11. Part number 561.0010.D "WINDSCREEN"

    Just order it form the factory in Indiana like any other part. The dealer can order it for you.

    Elkhart has lots of parts and will stay open. Not clear where the next generation (probably the 4 door model) will be produced, but Elkhart will remain for parts and service.

  12. why they didn't crushed them like EV1?...

    GM told that EV1 were crushed because they can't afford warranty and support for eventually buyers... stupid :(

    Of course crushing Th!nk is sarcasm...

  13. Ford considered crushing them, but after the protests they wisely decided to send them back to Norway where they did not need to maintain the certification exceptions that were needed in the US for the undersized air bags.

  14. There is a list over at elbil.no of parts shared between the Think and other production cars. The Google translate version is readable:


    With 2500 of these cars running around the world, and Ford dealers in Norway still supplying parts and service for the almost 700 of the ten year old fourth generation models, I cannot imagine much trouble getting parts. There are quite a few fourth gen Thinks running around other European countries. It is popular to upgrade the older models to Lithium Ion in Germany, much easier than gas conversions.

  15. I spoke with Jeff Speno today at Mission Valley Ford, who said they could arrange shipping outside of California. I was not the first to ask. He does not know the additional cost for out of state shipping yet.

    We are considering red for our second Think.

    On the east coast, http://www.eurostarautos.com claims to be selling but not at quite as deep a discount, about $26500 before tax rebates.

    And http://greenwheelschicago.com/ still lists a used Think for $15950.

  16. I wish they'd understood their target market better. I could never see that car being a major success in the USA - not unlike like the Smart FourTwo.

  17. Just so everyone is informed. 10 of us at our company purchased the Think City's last year, March 15th 2011. Almost all of them had to go back to the repair shop to have their heaters replaced, they all failed. Something to keep in mind. Also, in this last winter in Indiana, the battery didn't have much range...about 55-65 miles when using the heater....... if you have any questions you can email me at ironranger6@aol.com

  18. almost forgot, along with the heaters being replace, they had to replace the main computer control board as well. The repairs cost over $3000 for some of us.....fortunately they were covered under the warranty.

  19. Too bad that someone cannot come up with an EV at this price point without it being a "fire sale". At that price, I think they would sell a lot of them. This idea that you can design an EV and just magically charge people 35k-40k for it and it and become a success is ridiculous. Get the price of the EV below 20k and the milage range at or over 200 and you have a winner.

    Not every EV needs to have modern luxury features. Some people just need a basic vehicle to drive to work and nobody is addressing that market. I commute 60 miles one way. But I still find it hard to justify 39k for a Ford Focus EV, when the gasoline version cost 16k.

  20. Half seriously, many retirement communities in the sun belt are built around golf courses and golf carts can almost replace the daily driver. Perhaps this daily driver could replace the golf cart??

  21. Have been driving this amazing little cars for a month now. Don't miss stopping at the gas station. The only thing I have to worry about is planning my trip and make sure is under 100 miles. That only took few days to get used too. They are now available in MD at only $15,000 after tax credits and volume discounts. At these prices it makes sense to own one. Your monthly payment for owning one is made from the savings in gas and low cost of ownership. This car is one of the most dependable and reliable cars in the market. First service according to THINK is 40000 miles and that's checking brakes and tires...Anyone interested in one call 443-324-9099 or 410-922-1100

  22. The biggest issue is service. If you are confident that all problems, including replacing the computer, can be dealt with, then this is a bargain. If service is not available in your area, then avoid purchase.

  23. I had a chance to test drive one at Eurostar Motors in Maryland. It was a surprisingly nice ride. Hit a nice pothole (welcome to Baltimore) and barely felt it. Good acceleration from 0-35, then a little slow beyond that but acceptable. The interior is comfortable and nicely laid out. Alot more storage space then I expected in the rear. At this price with federal AND Maryland tax credits I am definitely picking one up for my daily commuting. Any one know what a level 2 charger SHOULD cost so I don't get screwed by my electrician?

  24. Check out Home Depot. You can get a Level 2 charger for around $800.00. You will need a 240V outlet to power it, of course.

  25. I am semi-retired and travel to town 2-3 times a week. The 100 mile range would be more than enough. I have a 2010 Chevy HHR which would serve as my traveling vehicle. I would use the electric car for 95% of my trips! The only problem aside from the service issue, is that this state (Indiana) doesn't offer rebates or incentives (Republicans) I would definitely consider one if it were availible for around $13,000. Don

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