Tesla Model S Early Orders In Hong Kong Strong, Says Company

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2013 Tesla Model S

2013 Tesla Model S

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An inordinate quantity of the internet's exotic car pictures seem to originate from Hong Kong. People certainly appreciate their fancy cars over there, that's for sure.

That may explain why, despite the city's slow electric car sales up until now, orders for the Tesla Model S electric sedan are going through the roof.

As Bloomberg reports, Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] says it's received hundreds of orders for the Model S in Hong Kong--amazingly, enough to double the number of electric cars in the city.

Hong Kong's Transport Department has 303 registered electric vehicles on its books, so Tesla may have at least that many orders in the city. That's despite the car's pricing not yet being announced--something buyers should expect within the next couple of months.

The announcement caused an increase in Tesla's share price, closing 4.2 percent higher on Friday at $120.09.

Those few hundred cars should help Tesla in its goals to reach 21,000 worldwide sales this year. The automaker revealed back in March it was making and delivering around 500 cars per week, and its first-quarter sales were higher than the luxury models of some established brands.

Deliveries are due to commence in Europe in the next few months too, helping to meet that 21,000 target.

Looks like it won't be long until some of those exotic car pictures have a Model S in the frame...


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Comments (6)
  1. Do enyone know when model s will arive in europ? Have anyone herd a date other than "in a couple of months"?

  2. The fact that Tesla struck silver in Hong Kong indicates Tesla might strike gold on the Chinese mainland. The Chinese may be lukewarm to EVs, but what many reporters posting sceptical stories about Tesla's chances for success in China fail to see is that Model S is more than an EV: it's a great car in its own right that just happens to be an EV. A better car than its ICE rivals it's the sort of high tech gadget that might very well be picked up in serious numbers by China's nouveau riche. Like Elon Musk said: the Chinese market is the wild card.

    Chinese sales will have to be pretty spectacular to justify Tesla's current stratospheric market cap though.

  3. The Tesla is the finest lux sport sedan production car in the world. The Fact it's an EV and gets 75mpg equivalent is just a bonus.

    Read the reviews by the ICE car mags, they say it and the sales have shown it cutting Euro Lux US sales badly as many rich turn to real quality, better, higher tech.

    Go Elon, Go!!

  4. Hi Jerry,

    I'm always a bit puzzled by where these, seemingly arbitrary, MPGe figures come from. According to ... http://www.teslamotors.com/blog/model-s-efficiency-and-range
    the following are 'official' Wh/mile figures for the S...
    steady 50mph - 210 Wh/mi - 145mpge (Tesla)
    steady 70mph - 340 Wh/mi - 90mpge (Tesla)
    5 cycle EPA - 300 Wh/mi - 102mpge
    2 cycle EPA - 250 Wh/mi - 122mpge
    (all based on US gallon of petrol)

    So where did the '75Wh/mi' come from? MW

  5. Too bad, the 2014 Volkswagen XL1 (261 mpg car) won't be sold in the USA.

  6. Some in Europe may be more excited about the model "X" - the SUV from Tesla. And the smaller versions of the sedan and SUV.

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