Tesla Builds Up Store Network In Europe Before Launching Model S

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Tesla's retail store concept

Tesla's retail store concept

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European electric car fans will soon get to enjoy the Tesla Model S as much as their American counterparts, when the car is launched in Europe this summer.

Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] has spent some of the last year preparing service and repair centers in Europe, but the company's sales network is also expanding before the car hits European shores.

Wards Auto reports Tesla is adding dealers in London, Brussels and Amsterdam, covering a dozen cities across the continent.

Service centers will also spring up in Amsterdam, Brussels, Frankfurt, Vienna and Hamburg.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Tesla is also spreading itself across electric-car-loving Norway, with dealers, repair centers and a recharging service all set to open in the Scandanavian nation.

Select Tesla dealers have kept themselves busy selling Roadster models while waiting for the Model S, Europe's electric car take-up meaning some have remained in stock since Roadster production finished in early 2012.

Of the 2,500 Roadsters delivered worldwide in 2012, 850 were sold through Tesla's existing European network of nine dealers.

Preparations for the Model S have also given dealers plenty of work to do. Order books opened in the UK at the end of last year, reservation holders placing a $6,400 deposit--or a full $48,000, for those wanting a Model S Signature edition.

While electric car sales have remained relatively low in Europe, heavy tax breaks for electric vehicles and plenty of positive press from the U.S. should bode well for the Model S. It might do even better in Norway, where electric cars amounted to 3 percent of total vehicle sales in 2012.

Following the model's European launch, Tesla will then move into Asian markets in the fall--and CEO Elon Musk expects worldwide sales of around 21,000 units in 2013.


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Comments (8)
  1. Guess with so many affordable small diesels to choose from EVs haven't been very competitive so far in Europe for people looking for alternatives for gasoline but Model S is in a class of its own of course.

    Substantial investment is needed though. A network of Superchargers is as important as building a dealership network to sell this car.

  2. A network of superchargers was not necessary to initiate NA sales. And NA is more spread out by an order of magnitude than Europe. Nearly 300 miles of range and a hodgepodge of level two chargers spreading from a variety of providers to prevent a fear of absolute stranding should make a good start for the Model S possible.

  3. 2500 roadsters sold worldwide in 2012? Seems a bit excessive.

  4. I have herd that the first supercharger will be in scandinavia (posibly between oslo and stockholm)

  5. Musk and his Tesla Model S is the first serious, existential challenge the petroleum-internal engine industrial complex has had to face in over a century. Musk is brilliant, but in trying to change the world, he is up against a multi-trillion dollar juggernaut that has been the underpinning of the 20th century world, and that megalith is not going to give way without a struggle to the death. Entire nations depend on petroleum. Tens of millions owe their jobs to petroleum. The EV threatens the entire superstructure with collapse. I'm rooting for Elon, but he'll literally have to be Superman to defeat the juggernaut that is just starting to get serious about stopping him.

  6. Elon is not Superman, but he might really be Iron Man. Well, maybe Aluminum man. Or Lithium Man.

  7. He'll have to be one of them, because the war has only begun and they will get him, one way or the other. He's too dangerous.

  8. Nobody gives away automotive energy for free and lives;).

    Seriously though, I fear you might be correct. It's reasonable to expect that the oil industry is not going to sit idly by while third parties are diligently working to make their trillions of investments and sure-fire profits prematurely obsolete. The war on ethanol is a prime example of the oil industry activating its network in an effort to sidetrack alternatives for its products.

    It's my estimate that the car dealer organisation are a part of the oil industry's network as well and their war on Tesla's retail model might be just the start of all sorts of nasty things coming Tesla's way.

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