Tesla Supercharger Coming To Midwest Too, Not Just Coasts

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Tesla Road Trip from MD to CT, Feb 2013 - Tesla Model S cars at Delaware SuperCharger location

Tesla Road Trip from MD to CT, Feb 2013 - Tesla Model S cars at Delaware SuperCharger location

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The long-promised announcement from Tesla Motors on expansion of its Supercharger network has been delayed by the company's billion-dollar fundraising, and this week's payoff of its entire Department of Energy loan.

But Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] still plans a rapid expansion of the network of fast-charging stations for its Model S electric cars.

Currently there are just nine Supercharger stations, six in California and three along the Northeast Corridor from Boston through New York City to Washington, D.C.

Now we've learned that the network will expand into the Midwest.

At least four stations will be installed in Normal, Illinois, the electric-car friendly town known for its dozens of Mitsubishi i-MiEV electric minicars. (There's a Mitsubishi plant in Normal.)

According to Pantagraph, up to 10 Supercharger stations will be located in the municipal parking deck.

On Monday, May 6, the Normal City Council voted 5-2 to approve a five-year lease with Tesla Motors, with two five-year extensions possible.

Tesla will pay all costs of installing and maintaining its charging stations.

Under its EV Town initiative, Normal is moving aggressively to install infrastructure for electric cars, offer purchase incentives, promote their advantages, and otherwise demonstrate what a community can do to integrate plug-in electric cars into its everyday life.

Rumors about Tesla's upcoming Supercharger announcement--postponed from last week, per a tweet from CEO Elon Musk--indicate that the company may announce that up to 100 stations will be opened before the end of this year.

Other locations known to be slated for installations include more in the Northeast, plus new stations in the Pacific Northwest, Texas, and Florida.


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Comments (22)
  1. Where do I go to pitch an I25 Denver to Albuquerque daisy chain?

  2. John,

    How did you get to an 100 chargers by the end of this year?

    Everything else was cited so nicely.

  3. @Samo: Largely supposition based on the tenor of the company's announcements and its goals for the Supercharger system.

  4. @JV: I also made a similar supposition. 25-30 Superchargers in the announcement with 100 by end of 2013.

    They can put 400 worldwide for less than $100M. This is really earth shattering!

  5. 100 stations might only be 10-15 locations because it sounds like every charger is a station.

  6. I found a new Super Charger in my general area on PlugShare, I don't think it's finished it just gives a permit application date.

  7. @CDspeed - I would estimate there are one or two people out there who would be REALLY interested to know the location of that "general area", so...? Thanks in advance.

  8. 26.486428,-81.789578

  9. Half way between Tampa and Miami - COOL! Thanks.

  10. Nice!

    I hope Tesla will allow all future Tesla products to enjoy the supercharger network. That includes the upcoming Model X and planned Blue Star sedan.

    If that is the case, I am ready for the deposit on the Blue Star sedan.

  11. That is the plan.

  12. Am I to assume that these superchargers are for Tesla EV's only? No standardization? All proprietary?

  13. You assume correctly. Tesla could probably make good money selling an adapter but they want to keep it exclusive for their customers. The only cars that could be adapter friendly would be ones with a DC quick charge port.

  14. the presence of a TESLA Supercharger will probably spark the Installing of Level 3 chargers, wether a CHADEMO or the new SAE level 3 charger.

  15. You are correct.

  16. Something seems to be wrong in this article -- there are only 9 Tesla superchargers (which only fast charge Teslas) and the article says they are adding 4 in Normal, Illinois? Four? Normal is a relatively very small far town down in rural Illinois -- with how many Teslas even running in it? Chicago could well do with four strategically sited Superchargers. I have seen multiple Teslas running here. But Normal??? It sounds totally nuts. If Tesla wants to do something practical, put a few in Chicago, in the city and a few along the outer highways so Tesla owners could theoretically drive from Indianapolis, to Chicago to Milwaukee and beyond. Or even some to allow trips from Milwaukee to Chicago to Springfield, and down to St. Louis.

  17. Normal seems to be a really good spot between st louis and chicago. Normal is 168 miles from St. Louis and 133 miles from Chicago. Seems perfect for people that want to travel to between those cities.

  18. You are absolutely correct sir -- it is on the route (close enough) from Chicago to St. Louis. This will be a boon for the handful of Tesla drivers who want to catch a Cubs vs. Cardinals game.

    But for goodness sakes, four of them in Bloomington? When in Chicago, the hub of a lot of U.S. highway travel in the Midwest, between Minneapolis, and Indianapolis and Milwaukee, not a single one? Not even at a highway oasis.

    Sounds like something strange is going on behind the scenes for them to all of a sudden want to build so many in such a small farm town.

  19. if i read the article, Normal wants to be an EV Town, if the mitsubishi iMIEV is being built there, Normal may want to serve as a model
    by installing Superchargers and other Level 3 chargers as well as encouraging Level 2 chargers at businesses and shops.

  20. Living in Normal, I am more familiar with the culture here. Normal not only wants EVs badly, but uses the Mitsubishi iMiEV for a number of the municipal vehicles where possible, with rather garish advertising. I'm not finding anything on the iMiEV being built here, despite hearing it was myself; Wikipedia lists it being built in Japan and the Mitsu site only lists 2012 models despite being the 2014 MY.

  21. With the exception of Hawthorne CA the Superchargers are being installed along routes between major metropolitan areas. There is one in Barstow CA. Not a lot of Model S there, but Barstow is about half way between SoCal and Las Vegas.

  22. @Paul - I think there is some confusion over the definition of a "station". The term in the Pantagraph article refers to individual charging units. There will be two to start (charge two cars simultaneously) but this will expand to 10 chargers. This article refers to "just nine Supercharger stations" but each of these "stations" has multiple chargers. The Folsom CA location has four chargers, for example. Having up to 10 chargers at Normal makes sense considering the potential Tesla traffic on that road. I have already seen three of the four chargers in use at Folsom and I only pass through occasionally.

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