Ex-Aptera Founder Reveals New Electric Sports Car, TORQ Roadster

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If at first you don't succeed, try again.

It's a positive, optimistic attitude that can go a long way when presented with challenges--such as your first electric car company disappearing after several years of optimism and hype.

That's what happened to Aptera, builders of a tadpole-like, two-seat, three-wheeled electric vehicle. But Aptera co-founder Chris Anthony hasn't given up, according to Business Wire.

Instead, he now leads Epic EV, which has just unveiled the TORQ Roadster electric sports car.

“While seeking record-breaking MPGe with the 3 Wheeled Aptera Electric Vehicle I often found myself longing for a more aggressive styled and track-worthy adaptation. The TORQ will create a class of its own with its perfect balance of power, handling and aggressive styling,” explained Anthony in a statement.

The $65,000 sports car is touted as the "World's Fastest 3 Wheeled Electric Vehicle", hitting 60 mph in only 4 seconds.

A light-weight body is partly responsible, but the 400-horsepower, 600 pounds-feet electric motor probably has something to do with it too.

The aggressive design is typical of current low-volume sports car, with styling apparently influenced by those in the motorcycle world. As you'll see in the video above, a motorcycle helmet could be a useful addition too--as there's no real windscreen.

Epic EV is taking $10,000 deposits for the car right now, and the company intents to produce 50 vehicles this year. The company is also holding an "arrive and drive" event at its headquarters in Vista, CA on April 6, so if you're interested, it could be the perfect opportunity to see the car up close.


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Comments (5)
  1. A side-by-side all-electric three-wheeler? It looks cooler than the original Aptera, but I doubt it won't have the same performance/handling issues? Why not just make an all-electric motorbike and call it a day? :-(

  2. And now you're shooting for an even smaller niche?

  3. As Paul and Michael have already noted, what market does Mr. Anthony think exists for a $65K niche 3-wheel vehicle? Learning nothing from one of the main reasons for Aptera's demise, of course.

    I try to stay positive for startups since it's such a tough path, but I can see paying $40K-$50K for the BMW i3 or $60K/$80K/$100K for a Tesla Model S long before I'd consider this concept. Still, I wish the company luck.

  4. Is this a co founder or the one/VC/s that drove Aptera into the ground? And maybe looking for others to fleece.

    As far as the vehicle it gives up 20% top speed and 50% freeway range because it's aero sucks. Hard to call that performance.

    This vehicle is about as far from an Aptera as you can be and still have 1 rear wheel. I can't believe the same people designed both.

    The Aptera did what it was suppose to vs this waste of energy, money throws away 50% of performance at speed for no good reason.

  5. 600 ft-lbs? That's insane. If it's as light as it looks, it'll go airborne. That's over 20% more torque than a 6.4 Hemi.

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