Tesla Model S Driving On Sunlight: Amateur Video Not So Amateur

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The right car can inspire people.

Whether it's the poetic beauty of an Italian sports car or the noise of the race track, that inspiration takes many forms.

For some, the all-electric Tesla Model S is their inspiration. The sleek electric sedan has certainly attracted attention far beyond that of most electric vehicles, but it's the die-hard fans who are most inspired--and this fan-made commercial is proof.

Every second of footage looks professionally produced, as if Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] itself is promoting the car.

Filmed on January 3rd, the one-minute commercial follows the Knapp family, whose road trip using solar-powered Tesla Supercharger stations--hence "Gallons of light"--highlights how such a trip doesn't need a drop of fossil fuels, in the right kind of car.

Created by Jordan Bloch, who Autoblog Green says has also made videos for Nike, British Airways and Nissan, the ad is perhaps a little saccharine for some.

That shouldn't detract from what has been achieved on a tight budget though--nor that only 61 seconds of footage is enough to effectively highlight the joys of driving electric--something the carmakers themselves have occasionally struggled to do.

In fact, it leaves us wondering why some adverts have done so little to convey the real benefits of driving an electric car--the silence, the ease of use, and the spirit of the community of like-minded owners.

It'll make you want to drive the car too--which is what a good advert should do.


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Comments (8)
  1. "the silence, the ease of use, and the spirit of the community of like-minded owners" - nicely phrased, Antony. I liked the "ad" but then I have a Model S, I love the superchargers and I am easily amused, so there's that.

  2. I think majority of the people would agree with you whether they own Tesla or not. Okay, those of us who don't are just jealous... =)

    Telsa is NOT just the best electric car out there, it is the BEST car out there. Just what Elon wanted it to be.

  3. I'm not jealous. I'll never buy a pure BEV, period.

  4. great ad.

  5. Hard to believe this was an amateur commercial since it looked so professionally done. I agree Tesla should do some more advertising albeit unconventionally that is such as Internet videos that they make so they can control the content. However it seems that nearly all if not most of people who bought one are totally delighted so Tesla is getting the best advertising still available great word of mouth endorsement.

  6. Tesla should sell the car based on the fact that it’s a great car. I hate how manufactures make a glorified golf cart and then tell you should buy it because it’s good for the environment. Tesla makes a great luxury sport sedan that just happens to be an electric. The Tesla is stylish and powerful and you just want to buy one because its a great car. All of the other EV manufactures do not seem to realize what Elon does is to be successful you need to make a great car period that just happens to be an electric

  7. Nice piece. Just made a Gooooood morning for me. Check out the website about how they connected up with Tesla owners and others and produced this on a shoe string budget. Pretty inspiring!

  8. I am salivating. The bottom line is that the price is prohibitive (for me at least).Instead of having a range of 56,000.00 to 100,000.00, I will like a 30,000-70,000.00 range. Maybe leasing would be better.

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