BMW i3 Concept Coupe: New Video Of Electric Car

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Which car are you most excited about for 2013?

If the BMW i3 electric car isn't near the top of the list, we'd be surprised. Its bare figures may not be headline-grabbing, but on design alone it makes even BMW's current production cars look a bit half-hearted.

You can see this better than ever before in BMW's latest video, which shows the i3 Concept Coupe in motion and looks at the car's exterior, interior and sustainable materials in detail.

While the overall shape might not be to all tastes--it's certainly more daring than BMW's previous compact car offerings--it's hard to argue with the execution, at least on this pre-production concept.

Large glass areas and light-colored cabin materials instantly catapult it several years further into the future from most of today's electric cars. Promisingly, BMW says the production version won't be dissimilar from this latest concept.

BMW reiterates some of the statistics we already knew about the i3. Its lithium-ion battery has a 6-hour charging time on 240V, or an 80 percent quick charge function which takes under 30 minutes.

The ConnectedDrive infotainment system gives details on the most efficient route and nearby charging stations, and an Eco Pro or Eco Pro Plus mode helps increase range by altering the car's responses and energy settings.

The body cell is made of carbon, and seats four passengers. Interior volume is further gained by a steering column-mounted drive control stalk, rather than requiring a center tunnel.

The interior also features renewable wood on the dashboard, local, naturally-tanned leather, and much of the dashboard is covered in a material made from plant fibers.

Check out the video, and leave us your thoughts below--if you weren't excited by the i3 before, you probably will be now...


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Comments (9)
  1. I think the interior looks better than the exterior, but a very exciting vehicle for EV lovers that might have a problem with the LEAF.

  2. The coming year will be full of interesting BMW-i news leading up to the debut of the i3. I've already got my deposit in on the five-door.

  3. Wow, CDspeed, good for you, although I'm bitterly jealous! I can't wait to read comments from you as things progress. I'm in my Volt until March 2015 and can't wait to see what there will be available by then.

    I'm fanatical about good interiors (despite the Volt... LOL!) so I'll need to refresh my memory, I think.

  4. So far my dealer has little info, I put down my deposit to be first in line in my area.

  5. After refrshing my memory with the video, I'll agree with John B. above; I like the interior more than the exterior, but I don't mind the exterior, either. The weird shape of the rear side window might be the only thing I don't like, really, but most vehicles have something that I'm not crazy about, so not anything critical at all. I like the Tesla Model S, but absolutely detest the grill and as I mentioned, I'm not a huge fan of the Volt's interior, especially the dash, but none of these would prevent me from buying, just wish they were different.

  6. I actually like the Volt's interior, though I don't like the fact that it doesn't have a bench seat in the back. As for the i3 coupe I agree with you on the rear side window it just looks odd aside from that I think it's a hot looking car.

  7. You may be in luck, since the five-door hatchback i3's window line is more conventional, and that's the model BMW is producing. For the time being, the "coupe" is just a concept vehicle.

    However, BMW does say that what you see now is particularly close to production-standard - which is good news for the interior design.

  8. Thanks, Antony. I do think it's pretty nice overall, will be rare and unique for a while, and even what look to be odd/quirky designs on paper look good in person. I'd forgotten about this coupe just being a concept, so we'll see.

    CDspeed, I don't dislike the Volt's interior overall, just the strange overhand things on the dash. I don't mind the lack of a bench seat but understand it limits the customer base and utility of the Volt.

  9. Video is now marked as private on Youtube, can you please find a new link and update?

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