Chevy Volt Electric Car Has Highest Customer Satisfaction Scores, Again

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2012 Chevrolet Volt

2012 Chevrolet Volt

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Fewer Chevrolet Volt owners would buy another this year than at the same time last year, Consumer Reports has discovered.

...Of course, when that figure is still 92 percent (down from 93) and the Volt has topped Consumer Reports' consumer satisfaction survey for the second year running, perhaps a drop isn't so bad...

Unsurprisingly, the Volt is going down a storm with owners. As The Detroit News reports, sales in the first 10 months of 2012 are 286 percent greater than the same time last year.

That suggests that and even greater number of owners would still be happy to continue with the Volt than those in last year's survey.

Volt sales are expected to dip a little when November figures emerge, thanks to restricted supply. In recent months, the Volt has consistently beat its own previous highest sales figures.

Consumer Reports' auto editor Rik Paul said that the Volt's sporty handling and strong performance are key to its owners' enthusiasm--that, and the high fuel efficiency drivers are managing.

In fact, high efficiency was a bit of a trend in this year's survey, with the Toyota Camry Hybrid, Prius, Prius C and Nissan Leaf all scoring highly.

Scores for repeat ownership are based on the question, "Considering all factors (price, performance, reliability, comfort, enjoyment, etc.), would you get this car if you had it to do all over again?"

The good news for Chevrolet is that a great many respondents are selecting, "definitely yes".

Are you a Volt owner--and would you buy another? Let us know your thoughts using the comments section below.


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Comments (23)
  1. No surprise here. After 22,000 miles with Volt VIN #679, we are at 106 mpg overall and both my wife and I put this on equal in driving pleasure with our previous Acura, Infiniti, Lexus, Audi, and BMW experiences. Heck I have MORE fun driving the Volt than my earlier Porsche (albeit that was a 924).

  2. Oh dear. Another uncomfortable fact for the Volt bashers. Did Fox pick up this story?

  3. I'm very pleased overall. If I don't buy or lease a Volt next time, it's simply because there will be better options out there by then. Since I've got my Volt until early 2015, I look forward to seeing what Tesla and other OEMs have out there by then. I love the BMW and Audi prototypes and can't wait to see their future offerings, as well as the Tesla Model X, among others.

    George, no need to apologize for your 924. I had a 944 myself... pre-turbo, even...

  4. Driven 6,000 miles so far... 252mpg. Definitely happy I leased (with fast charging almost certainly coming) but I would definitely buy again. The Tesla Model S isn't getting any cheaper, and the Volt is no slouch. Easily the best car I've ever owned.

    Note: Volt is outselling Prius in it's first two years in the market. Volt is not, in any way, a failure. Only a failure to communicate from an advertising standpoint.

  5. Overall, I have been pleased with my 2013 Volt. I've only had it for a few weeks, with only 550 miles so far, but I'm driving about 98% electric (used 1/10th of 1 gallon gas). I usually use the sport mode, as it's so much more fun to drive.

    My only negative comments would be that the Volt has low visibility seeing behind the vehicle, and in the short time I've had the vehicle, it'll be in the shop twice. The first time was for needed firmware updates and to diagnose a defective backup camera. The second time is to do the backup camera repair, and to diagnose a problem with the vehicle displaying a wrong date. The prior firmware update was supposed to correct that issue, but it did not.

    Overall, a great car.

  6. 10 of 10! Easily the best car I've ever owned. Mercedes, Acura, Honda, Ford, Toyota, all beaten by a domestic EREV marvel that the naysayers said would never be built and wouldn't work if it was. My wife and I argue over who gets it for the day. We drive ALOT and still 97 mpg! We are looking for a SECOND one! BTW:My wife is smart enough to remember to plug it in at night...

  7. Part of the reason why Volt owners are happy are not because of the Volt itself, but rather the difficult decision GM made to make it and the leadership role they took back from Toyota with regard to EVs. The Volt is the phoenix that rose from the ashes, the renovatio of the mass-market EV, the willingness to solve problems rather than use them as excuses for not doing the right things.

    GM has to keep up with this and not rest on its laurels. They may have won the initial battle but many more are ahead. And while Tesla Motors thankfully continues to lead GM and Nissan made it possible for the rest of us to drive an EV.

  8. Vladi, great perspective and I could not agree more. Let's hope GM keeps working and my PHEV/EREV Volt becomes an even better EV before long. GM took a major risk and people like me, who'd never even visited a GM dealer before, are now GM customers as a result. Not necessarily next time, of course, but the new customers alone and great PR is worth a small initial loss.

  9. The biggest key to watch is the upcoming redesign of 2014/2015 Volt. If GM can continue to dominate and make a Volt a "more appealing" car, then it will dominate the market like the Prius. If it doesn't, then it will just become one of those "old GM" models where it slows diminishes over time...

  10. After a year of driving a 2012 Volt, we decided to buy a 2013 for our second car. We will sell the Sienna in about a year after my kids get their drivers license.

  11. Fewer Volt owners would buy another this year than at the same time last year??? What a backhanded slap kind of way to offer congratulations to a successful automobile. But, it's to be expected from the green media where GM-hate continues its subtle and not-so-subtle appearances.

    Clearly this writer has ignored the fact that there are many more Volt owners this year than last year. That the % of owners loving their Volts remains at an amazing sky high level is proof of the car's greatness.

    I drive a Volt, and you can add me to the list of 92%ers.

  12. There's always one, isn't there Kent?

    The first line is not even *slightly* a "backhanded slap" to the Volt - it was intended to be an amusing way to start the article, when considered with the second paragraph which immediately counters it - rather than a simple regurgitation of a press release as you may find on other websites.

    It's clearly a joke which everyone else got, having happily recounted their own Volt tales in the comments above yours.

    Had you bothered reading the rest of the article, you would have noticed the next few paragraphs:

    "sales... 286 percent greater than the same time last even greater number of owners would still be happy to continue with the Volt than those in last year's survey"

  13. Perhaps .... Don't quit you day job for "Standup Comedian". I read the whole article, too.

  14. Last time I purchased gas was June 30th when extreme weather knocked out power for several days. The Volt is fast, sleek and fun to drive. Yes, I would buy another. I want more charging stations and faster charging.

  15. My wife and I bought the Volt in Oct 2012,and it has been a very pleasant surprise.It is fun to drive,gets great MPG,fit and finish is great, and so far it has saved me almost $800 in gas,over our other car,a GMC Terrain,my wife drives 40 miles each way every day to her job,so the 40 free miles do make a great difference. In the 80 mile round trip to work, she will use 1 gal of gas. I will take 80 MPG any day.It will be much better when she retires in May of 2013. Most likely,we won't be buying much gas for it.I also have a Cadillac SRX, and it does ok on gas,but it sits most of the time now.I definitely will buy another one when it is time. We love that car.I am hoping they use the front end of the Opel Ampera,more aggressive looking.

  16. Couldn't agree more with the LOVE fest of comments you all have shared about the VOLT. My husband and I purchased ours a year ago and we still fight over who gets to drive it (much to the dissapointment of the Porsche Cayenne that sits lonely in the driveway). Husband commute from LA to OC trumps my 9 mile commute, but luckily there are plenty of charging stations in Orange County due to Irvine Company "green" and sustainability efforts.

  17. This is a followup on the post of last Jan. we still love the Volt, in fact we decided to trade in the black 2013, for a diamond white 2014. The main reason was that we had it less than a year, and had 20,000 trouble free miles on it, and decided to see what it would bring as a trade in. I was very pleasantly surprised that the new 014 had more options than the 013, and we almost traded by exchanging the keys of the 2013 for the keys for the 2014. Less than $200, difference when you add in the $7500 credit from taxes, and the Illinois EPA rebate of $3415.00. I couldn't ask for a better deal. A brand new car, with 10 miles on it, and a year newer, for less than $200. I would have to be crazy not to trade. It too is a fantastic car.

  18. I would definitely buy another Volt. I've averaged 100 mpg over the first 7,500 miles, which is great, but the driving experience is what's really fantastic. Put it in "sport" mode and it is a powerful vehicle, but it is also elegant and so quiet! Electric propulsion is just a better technology for passenger vehicles.

  19. I've had my 2013 volt for a little over 2 months with 2,200 miles and roughly just a tank and a half of gas. I've had a lot of different and great cars but this one is by far my favorite. It's not perfect, but the gas savings outweigh the minor imperfection. Can't wait to see what GM comes out with next when my lease expires in 2016. I definitely will consider purchasing another. I can't actually believe I'm saying that about a GM product! GO VOLT!
    CPT V.

  20. I bought my Volt almost a year ago. I love my Volt, I have owned a lot of different cars in the past the last being a Lexus. I hope the Volt is here to stay because I intend to buy again and again. Signed Very Happy with His Volt!!

  21. This is no surprise to me since, as the owner of a 2013 Volt, I love the car !!! I hope to buy another one, once they make a design change and depending on the new look. Regardless, after owning the Volt ... I do not want to ever buy a gasoline car again !!! The car is fun to drive and cheap to own. I am not worried about the naysayers suggesting I may have to buy a new battery in a decade or two, as I have noticed the capacity of my battery has actually been increasing since purchase (now up to 47 miles). And should the battery give out ... I will buy a new one, as I do not want to ever buy a gasoline car again !!!

  22. I have owned my Volt for a year now and I can honestly say it's the best car I've ever owned. This is my first GM car- I am 53 and have owned 30+ vehicles, mainly Japanese and German. This car has a solid, well composed ride, it's limousine quite, doesn't rattle or squeak and the seats are very comfortable. I haven't had a single issue with it and it has not been back to the dealer. The best feature is the hold button which lets you use the gas engine when you want to conserve battery power. I like to use the engine on the freeway and save the electric battery for stop and go. The pick up and instant torque of the electric motor is awesome. How GM engineered such a complex vehicle to work so seamlessly is beyond me. LOVE THIS CAR!!!!

  23. Sold my Prius Plug-in because of 11 EV range and cold weather dropped it by 2 miles down to 9 EV.
    Bought 2014 VOLT premium and two weeks later wife bought 2014 VOLT premium. Dropped in 240V charge station in garage and we're both ecstatic. Love the idea, love the technology, SOLID car, real-car feel, neither of us have put any gas in yet and both cars have 1200 plus miles. Can't wait for the 2016 VOLTS to see what can possibly be better than this.
    Kudos & Accoldes

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