One Year, One Talk-Show Host, 11,000 Miles, And No Gasoline

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Jay Leno Celebrates 11000 MIles In His Chevrolet Volt

Jay Leno Celebrates 11000 MIles In His Chevrolet Volt

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Talk-show host Jay Leno might own everything from vintage Model T Fords through to large-engined, gas-guzzling supercars, but it turns out his daily driver is the 2011 Chevrolet Volt he purchased last year. 

And in that time, Leno says, he hasn’t visited a gas-station once. 

Since collecting his Volt last December in Northridge, California,  Leno has used the car to commute to and from work every day, equating to around 35 miles of driving. In the last eleven months, he’s clocked over 11,000 miles. 

“It’s my daily driver,” he told The New York Times, “They gave it to me with a full tank of gas. I’ve used less than half of that.”

Leno’s experience with the Chevrolet Volt isn’t unusual. Earlier this year we brought you news of a Volt owner Jeff Parmet, who drove for a full six months in his 2011 Chevrolet Volt before he needed to visit the gas station

That said, we think Leno’s 11,000 miles on half a tank of gasoline and a whole lot of electricity is one of the better examples of a Volt owner whose car barely burns any gasoline at all. 

After all, when a self-confessed car fanatic with over 100 fueled-up cars in his garage choses instead to drive a plug-in hybrid like the Chevrolet Volt, it must be good. 

According to Leno, he’s used less than 4.6 gallons of fuel in his Volt. With some very rough back-of-a-napkin math, that equates to around 2,391 miles per gallon of fuel.

Do you drive a Chevrolet Volt? Have you traveled further and used even less gasoline since owning your car than Leno’s 11,000 miles? 

Let us know in the Comments below. 


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Jay Leno Celebrates 11000 MIles In His Chevrolet Volt

Jay Leno Celebrates 11000 MIles In His Chevrolet Volt

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Jay Leno Celebrates 11000 MIles In His Chevrolet Volt

Jay Leno Celebrates 11000 MIles In His Chevrolet Volt

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Comments (13)
  1. I knew Jay had a Volt, but was surprised to learn that he drove it every day. He really seems to love the car (I don't blame him, I do too). I can't beat his numbers though, I'm at about 8,500 miles total and 18 gallons of gas used.

    BTW, I was also at the event last night. You can see my shaky cell phone video of Jay's arrival here:

  2. Thank you Jay for helping to prove that full EV's work just fine--there's little reason to drag an engine around while commuting!

  3. @Jeff. I agree, especially for a second car, but for people like me whose commute is too long or travel fair distances for work, the Volt is a nice interim option to have. I hope to drive a pure EV before long, but anything that moves us toward less fuel usage is a positive step IMO.
    Now if I could just convince my wife to get an EV... They need to be better looking than the LEAF and cheaper than the Tesla S...

  4. According to Jay, that engine being drugged around is the reason that full EV he is driving [the Volt] works!

  5. People who have the option to drive on EV power end up doing everything they can to avoid driving on gas.

  6. If you have a Volt and never use the engine you clearly made a mistake. You should have gone for the Leaf instead...

  7. Or, more likely, he didn't know a year ago exactly where he'd be driving every day and when he'd need the extra range, so he bought what was best for him at the time. If he wanted an EV, he would have bought an EV. What's wrong ith people buying what they want to buy? If he wants the extra range of an EREV, why does it bother you so much personally?

  8. He doesn't like the Leaf, and he does use the IC motor, otherwise the tank would not be half full.

  9. What does he do to avoid the gas going bad in his other cars? Stabil? How long can it set?

  10. @Ron, my understanding is the Volt will alert the driver after six weeks if the gasoline engine has not been used. The Volt asks for permission to start the engine to use a little gas and lubricate some engine parts. If the driver ignores the message, the Volt will just start on its own while it is being driven.
    If after a year has passed without one full fill-up, the Volt will also start to burn just enough gas to turn on the "low on fuel" light to alert the driver to get new gas.
    This is just what I've read, though, so if George, Evil Attorney or other Volt owners need to correct me, please do so.

  11. Leno using the Volt as his daily drive is a pretty big endorsement of the car. Leno is in a position to literally drive anything he wants and chooses the Volt. The car rides like a dream, and in the short test drive I did looks to have a really nice interior. I recently talked to a Volt owner who had a BMW, and he said he doesn't miss the BMW at all.

  12. Seems like he would have been better off in a Leaf

  13. Picked up my 2012 volt in October, and have been very happy with the car. Looks like Gm has finally done something right! Even on xcountry treks its a great car, better even than my wifes new Lexus. it's a bit colder up hear in Toronto, and below about -5c the engine starts for about 30 seconds every now and then, plus i love the electric heater! that combined with the longish highway drives means I am only getting 110 miles to the gallon ( 1.8 liters per 100km). Looking forward to the summer so I can take on Lenos record!

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