Stretch Nissan Leaf Electric Limo For Sale On eBay: What Would You Pay?

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Nissan Leaf electric limo for sale on eBay

Nissan Leaf electric limo for sale on eBay

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Want a Nissan Leaf but disappointed that you can't take more of your friends along for the ride? Or don't have space for champagne flutes?

The Nissan Leaf limo for sale on eBay could be just the thing to meet your needs.

If you think the concept of a Nissan Leaf electric limo sounds familiar, then you'd be correct.

Built by Imperial Coach Builders of Springfield, MO, we featured the car back in June--and it hasn't taken long for the world's first electric limo to go on sale on the popular internet auction site.

The 2012 car has a luxurious specification, with leather trim for both the driver and every passenger. And even if your fares are noisy, the limo itself should be as silent as any other Nissan Leaf.

The only element which may put some people off is the price.

With a day to go, it's perhaps unsurprising that the electric limo has no bids at its $50,000 starting price--and we can't see many wanting to snap it up for the $57,000 'buy it now' price either.

Perhaps San Diego-based Jakes Motor Cars will have more luck selling their ultra-high specification 2011 Tesla Roadster.

The $119,888 price tag sounds rather expensive, particularly given that Roadsters went for similar prices brand new--but the first owner went to town on the option boxes.

An executive leather and carbon fiber package would have set them back $9,000, and another $4,500 went on the infotainment system. Throw in several other toys and the original owner apparently paid $157,545 for the privilege.

Neither is cheap then, but we can't see such a highly-specified Roadster staying on the forecourt for too long...


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Comments (10)
  1. I wouldn't pay more than $500 for it...

    It is useless. Slower, larger, heavier and even less useful with totally limited range...

    What is the point? Nothing more than a publicity stunt.

  2. I agree: I went to visit the limo and took a picture with my Honda Hybrid next to it. It's said that numerous "grants" were used in making the Leaf limo. Some have estimated it cost the taxpayers a LOT. It would be "awesome" if someone investigate. I think a St. Louis company was connected. The local paper gave NISSAN a lot of free publicity. Still I know people in Franklin Tennessee that are vegetarians because they can't afford protein.

  3. Sharyn - Please feel free to start providing sources for your allegations at any point.

    If the Leaf limo is really the result of taxpayer money - rather than a private venture from a limo-building company, as it appears - then that's undoubtedly a big story and worthy of coverage.

    But if it's a load of drivel, then we're probably not interested. And what vegetarians in Tennessee has to do with an electric limo, I'm really not sure. Is there some important connection I'm missing? Should our readers know about Tennessee vegetarians?

  4. It does seem like a stunt, and that may explain why it has been put up for sale so soon.

  5. Apparently this may comes as a surprise to some, but the "point" of a limo is rarely to be used for family vacation, but more, I'd reckon, to comfortably transport execs between the airport, hotel and/or company headquarters.
    For that, the incredible silence and smoothness of an EV would be very hard to beat indeed. (Operating costs too, but that's probably not much of a concern in this context.)

    Personally I think it's pretty cool that a company modded a Leaf like this, regardless of how inadequate it'd be for my own needs.

    As to the price... Does someone knows what a stretched limo typically goes for anyway (and what kind of mileage it gets)?

  6. With potentially 2x the weight, the range will drop down to only 35 miles and is that really reliabile transport? We are NOT even talking about additional heat/AC requirement which will drain that battery even faster.

    As far as "silence" ad smoothness go, well, most Limo drivers aren't the ones that complain. The riders are usually as far away from the engine as possible. So, it is a "moot" point.

    Adding lenght and weight without upgrade to battery and chasiss is nothing more than a publicity stunt.

  7. @XL: sorry but your claims don't seem plausible at all. I'd think a row of seat is nowhere as heavy as the rest of the vehicle; also increasing its length (with no change in cx) should hardly impact range.
    Do you have information about this vehicle that we don't?

    Fedex and other test customers seem happy with an even-more-oversized version of the Leaf, the e-NV200, so apparently such variations are perfectly viable for specific uses.

    I would absolutely not buy one of those either, but I look forward to seeing more like them on the road, replacing noisy, stinky diesel.

  8. Now if they had managed two battery packs....... hmmm

  9. Comment disabled by moderators.

  10. i am big fan of larger,heavier cars and it look like that and totally limited range...
    auto repair virginia

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