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Always Wanted A Harley-Davidson-Powered Prius? You're In Luck!

Always Wanted A Harley-Davidson-Powered Prius? You're In Luck!

It's fair to say most Toyota Prius owners are probably quite happy with their cars. Sure, they aren't the quickest vehicles on the road, and plug-in cars use even less gas. But they're quiet, efficient and easy to drive. It might not have crossed many owners' minds to swap the clean-burning... read more

April 4, 2014 by  -
Scrooser electric scooter (Photo: Scrooser)

Scrooser Electric Scooter: "A Harley-Davidson For The Sidewalk"

One of the main criticisms of electric cars is that they often lack the sort of raw appeal that makes you want a product, transcending any notions of buying because you need... read more August 23, 2013 by 

GreenWing eSpyder electric aircraft (Image: GreenWing International)

Fun For $40,000? Electric Plane Beats Electric Car Every Time...

$40,000 will get you plenty of electric cars these days, including the recently-unveiled 2014 BMW i3. They can be fun on the right road, and it's great knowing you aren't... read more August 2, 2013 by  4

Razor Crazy Cart electric ride-on

Razor Launches New, All-Electric Performance ... Ummmm ... Vehicle

The trouble with kids is that they just don't have enough ways to injure themselves these days. If you're a parent who thinks this should change, then we can't think of... read more July 19, 2013 by  9

Czech flying electric bicycle

Flying Electric Bicycle Debuts In Prague, Will NYC Ban These Too?

New Yorker? Own an electric bicycle? You're probably pretty angry right now, since the city has just banned the use of electric bikes on its streets. Which would be fine, had... read more June 14, 2013 by  5

Toyota Camatte57s concept

Toyota's Kid-Friendly Electric Concept Stars At Tokyo Toy Show

If you've ever seen a child zipping along on a bicycle at breakneck speed the concept of putting them behind the wheel of a car is truly terrifying. Toyota still wants to... read more June 14, 2013 by  4

Vin Diesel reacts to Singapore Prius pricing... (RazorTV screen grab)

Toyota Prius Over $150K In Singapore, Vin Diesel Not Impressed

If you ever feel cars are getting too expensive, consider yourself lucky you don't live in Singapore. The country, an island located on the tip of mainland Malaysia, is... read more May 31, 2013 by 

Nissan Leaf solar charging station on EA's SimCity game

Nissan Leaf, Solar-Canopy Charging Station In New SIMS Game

The Nissan Leaf is no stranger to videogames. Last year, we had a little race between a Leaf and the Toyota Prius--albeit in the realistic but completely virtual world of... read more May 24, 2013 by  3

Mars Science Laboratory Curiosity rover (Image: NASA)

Electric Vehicle Sets Longest-Distance-Traveled Record...On Another Planet!

A vehicle journey of just over 22 miles hasn't really been cause for celebration since the dawn of the motor car itself, when low speeds and unpaved roads made it more... read more May 18, 2013 by  2

Consumer Reports drifts the Telsa Model S (video screengrab)

New Tesla Testing Technique From Staid Consumer Reports: Drifting!

We'd not normally advise getting information directly from Wikipedia, but its opening line on the sport of drifting is as good as any other definition you'll find: "Drifting... read more May 10, 2013 by  15

Thames & Kosmos Eco-Battery Vehicle kit

Build Your Own Metal-Air Battery Car: Now There's A Kit

Most of us, sadly, can't afford a brand new Tesla Model S electric sedan. Even less so, a Tesla Model S with the latest metal-air battery technology, hinted for use in the... read more April 26, 2013 by  5

1900 New England Electric vintage car

Electric Cars Are Fast: First-Ever U.S. Speeding Ticket

Speeding is big business. There's no money to be made from it as an individual of course, unless you subscribe to the theory "time is money". But the U.S. Census Bureau... read more April 20, 2013 by  4

Outrider Alpha recumbent electric adventure bike (Image: Outrider)

Can An 'Ultralight Adventure Vehicle' Be An Electric Bicycle?

Got some money to burn and in need of a hobby? Perhaps some sort of adventure sport, but nothing too crazy--off-road bikes, perhaps? Not just any off-road bike though. It has... read more April 19, 2013 by  6

1947 Nissan Tama EV (Image: Nissan)

Nissan Leaf's Great-Grandfather: The Tama EV

You might think high gasoline prices are a problem now, but at least it's relatively easy to get hold of. The same couldn't be said in Japan after the end of World War II... read more April 2, 2013 by  4

Cover of Los Angeles Times Magazine, April 3 1988, depicting L.A. in 2013

What 2013 Looked Like For Greener Cars, Back In 1988

The rate at which technology develops makes predicting the future incredibly difficult, but people get it right sometimes. They get it wrong sometimes too, and you'd have... read more March 23, 2013 by  4

Raven 46 hybrid ride-on lawn mower

Can Your Hybrid Cut Your Lawn? Here's One That Can

A Toyota Prius is many things, but a convenient lawn mower isn't one of them. Useless, right? Luckily, it is now possible to buy a hybrid lawn mower, known as the Raven... read more March 22, 2013 by  11


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