How Far CAN The 2012 Chevrolet Volt Travel On Electricity Alone?

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2012 Chevrolet Volt Charges

2012 Chevrolet Volt Charges

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When General Motors began producing the Chevrolet Volt in 2010, many staunch electric car fans dismissed it, saying its on-board gasoline engine meant it was only a hybrid, not a true electric car. 

With sixty-three percent of all Chevrolet Volt trips to date being made in electric-only mode, most fans agree that the Chevrolet Volt can be classified as an electric car

But how far can you really go in electric-only mode? 

According to official EPA ratings, the 2011 and 2012 Chevrolet Volt can travel an average of 35 miles per charge. 

Thanks to a slightly bigger battery pack, the 2013 Chevrolet Volt is rated by the EPA as having an all-electric range of 38 miles per charge

2012 Chevrolet Volt

2012 Chevrolet Volt

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We’ve heard of Chevrolet Volts easily covering 40, 45, and sometimes even 50 miles per charge in all-electric mode, but now a Vauxhall Ampera driver -- a Europe-only version of the Volt with redesigned grille -- reports driving an impressive 60 miles on electricity alone. 

“I said it could be done after I managed 56 miles on my first long run,” the owner wrote on “Half the trip was with eco air conditioning on and the return trip was with fan only.”

According to the driver, the car was prepared prior to the trip by making use of pre-conditioning before the car left. 

This meant that the drive started with a pre-cooled cabin, and pre-warmed battery pack. 

Traveling a total of 67.3 miles, the car used just 0.14 Imperial gallons (0.17 U.S. gallons) to travel the final 7.3 miles once the battery had completely drained. 

With 113 miles worth of gas in the tank, two passengers and the windows kept up for the duration of the trip, the hypermiling Ampera driver managed to prove that despite its 16 kilowatt-hour battery pack, the Volt can drive well beyond its EPA-rated range. 

The only catch? The trip wasn’t made at freeway speeds. Instead, the driver kept an average speed of ‘mostly under 50 mph.’

We think 60 miles is the furthest distance we’ve ever heard a Volt travel on a single charge. 

But are we right? 

If you’ve got a Chevrolet Volt, how far do you regularly travel per charge? Have you beaten this European driver? 

Let us know your own experiences and thoughts in the Comments below. 


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Comments (19)
  1. Hello all,

    On march 18th 2012, I did 60.6 miles on one charge. Take note that I returned home (to my point of departure), so that we are certain that I did not have a loss of altitude advantage.

    And I got this score with only 10.0 KwH ... if my Volt would have let me use 10.3 KwH like some get, I may have got between 61 or 62 miles!! Unfortunately, my VOLT NEVER lets me use more than 10.0 KwH before the engine kicks in (It's usually 9.7 KwH)

    There's a 60+ miles CLUB on gm-volt, so please post your score!!

    Here's 2 article proving it:

  2. Most charges on daily work commute days average anywhere between 44-to-48 miles, even on days where its nearly 100 degrees, running the air conditioning and travelling at posted freeway speeds. Efforts to hypermile have made minimal difference in this Volt's 3 months of service.

  3. Oh by the way, I'm pretty sure that a someone with a 2013 VOLT will get past 65 miles on one charge !!

    EV's are really improving fast !! thats good news!

  4. What is the most anyone has done on a highway trip with one tank of gas in a Volt?

  5. I have hit right at 40 miles highway, no A/C (fan only on about 1/3 power), and set the cruise to 72mph. 34 is the worst I've seen, with A/c on Eco-Auto when outside temps are 100°. Typically I'll get 36-38 miles though on a cruise-control highway trip.

    Town driving I've easily hit 55 miles more than once, but usually right at 50 miles.

  6. I only tried to max out mileage one time in my Volt and I got to 56. I know I could go higher next time by choosing a cooler day so I would not be running the A/C, and choosing a flatter route.

  7. [img][/img]


    With Ampera yesterday traveling 121 kilometers,cca.110 km (68 miles) on battery only,from Ljubljana to Koper (Slovenia,Europe).
    p.s.: Ljubljana is about 300 meters under the sea,Koper is on the sea level.

  8. Also, the Volt stats web site, run independently from Chevy, allows volunteers like me to send data collected from the car via the OnStar satellite system. I am

  9. EPA ratings are guidelines and like any, can be met,exceeded or fall short and that is ultimately up to the driver to decide what they want to do.

    My Prius easily gets 53 mpg (EPA rated at 50 mpg) My Leaf currently gets 86 miles on a charge (EPA rated at 73)

    so as always; YMMV

  10. My personal best was 75miles on a single charge, but that included elevation gains so some will consider that cheating.

    My personal best out and back was 62, and I've had 3 days over 60.

    The best I've seen reported, with no elevation gains, is 72.9 miles

  11. The farthest that I have gone in my Volt with A/C on ECO and a full charge is 48 miles. Typically, I get 42 miles in range. But I drive far faster than average drivers. The 48 miles range came out of a trip where the traffic are thick and I can barely get to 55mph...

  12. Driving very "normally" (well, err... not hypermiling, anyway...), my best is 53 miles but I have a 38-mile commute and have never used gas once for it. Typically, I get about 45-47, but while driving fairly fast and using the A/C and other power-consuming devices.

  13. There have been two drivers on who hit over 70 in non-highway conditions with some hilly driving. I did 48.8 the other day with 75% highway driving > 60mph. That was near perfect conditions of 70*F and slight elevation loss for that morning commute. I'm expecting 50+ miles if I take 45mph backroads.

  14. My personal best is 56 miles. I was also driving in stop&go traffic, and my max speed was about 50 mph.

  15. The record is still 75 EV miles ending at a lower elevation in Colorado....


  16. Here in Austin the summers are hot so the car is always prewarmed! I get 45-60 miles per 10.5K charge. I leave the windows down alot, though.

  17. I typically get ~45 miles per charge (12.5kWh) from my 2012 Volt with the California LEP. I am a short range (12 miles R/T) commuter, so I only recharge a couple times per week. I drive mostly under 50mph on relatively flat roads with A/C in Eco or fans only mode. I am getting better at regenerative braking and expect to increase the EV range accordingly. 50 miles "electrically" is definitely in my future!

  18. I have obtained as much as 46 miles per single charge of electric. On a daily basis I always exceed the 35 mile distance that the car is rated. Usually in the 40 to 42 mile range.

  19. I believe I just set the record with 81.8 miles in my 2012 Volt using 9.8 kWh driving an average speed of 23 MPH. This was round trip to the same charger so there was no elevation change.

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