2011 Audi A2 Electric Car Concept: New Info, Images

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2011 Audi A2 Concept

2011 Audi A2 Concept

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Late last week Audi released some teaser sketches of its A2 concept car due at the 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show, now less than a week away.

Due to be positioned between the A1 minicar and upcoming Audi A3 Sedan compact car, the new A2 is spiritual successor to the original A2, an aluminum-bodied, ultra-efficient subcompact that went on sale in Europe in 1999.

The early information and sketches didn't reveal many details about the A2 Concept but we now know it also uses aluminum construction, and carbon fiber elements too. This helps keep the weight quite low, at 2,535 pounds. That's more than the original A2 but certainly light by electric car standards. That aluminum body is a svelte 12.47 feet long, 5.54 feet wide and 4.89 feet high, but Audi promises impressive interior space.

The electric drivetrain uses a 114 horsepower, 119 pound-feet of torque electric motor, with power going to the front wheels. Performance is brisk at 9.3 seconds to 60 mph, and top speed is limited to 93 mph.

A lithium-ion battery under the floor gives enough charge for 124 miles of range, and can be charged in as little as 1.5 hours using a custom 400 volt charger. Recharging from a regular wall outlet takes 4 hours.

2011 Audi A2 Concept

2011 Audi A2 Concept

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The A2 concept will showcase Audi's new dynamic lighting technology too, known as matrix beam lighting. It uses microreflectors to direct a high resolution and low-glare light pattern onto the road. LED lighting also runs the length of the body and permeates through into the interior.

High-tech rear lighting adapts its illumination depending on visibility and weather conditions, and a laser light unit at the rear can even project a warning triangle onto the road behind the car.

The interior itself is stark and modern as you'd expect from a concept car. It uses a flat floor to give a feeling of space despite the small body size, four individual seats and a center console attached to the driver's seat.

The Audi A2 Concept will join Audi's other take on an urban electric car at Frankfurt, the sporty Audi Urban Concept.

The 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show begins on Tuesday, September 13. You can keep up to date with all our Frankfurt coverage by clicking here, and for more electric car previews, why not head over to our full Frankfurt electric car preview?

[Audi via Motor Authority]


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  1. Now this is a car that one can get excited about. Let's hope Audi starts ramping up the assembly lines and keeps the MSRP cost down -- soon (operative word).

  2. I like this new Audi a lot, because it's a "green" entry of theirs, it promises decent cabin room, it will go 93 mph and it will go 124 miles on a charge. For me that is enough range. For today's electric cars. I'd really love to go longer ranges, however, that is asking a bit much, apparently, for today's carmakers to reach. And, this Audi A2 Concept recharges from a "regular wall outlet" in only 4 hours. What's not to like so far here? Oh, that's right, it's an Audi. This one will probably price out at about $42,995! That's whats not to like!!

  3. Alright!!! What are these automakers of hybrids, and little dinky town cars, ticked off about? All their cars, front and back, look like they are really pissed off about something. If you can't get over the fact that the world in switching to all electric, then shut down your plant and get out...don't let the door hit you in your donkey on your way out neither.

  4. i3 a Bulli market ahead for Aluminum / carbon fiber city EVs. Bring it.

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