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Four Electric Cars To Avoid Buying Used (Get A Nissan Leaf!): UPDATE

Four Electric Cars To Avoid Buying Used (Get A Nissan Leaf!): UPDATE

There are lots of very good plug-in electric cars for sale now, and quite a few of them--especially Nissan Leafs--are starting to show up on used-car lots as three-year leases expire. We recently suggested some used hybrid-electric vehicles to avoid on the used-car lot. Now we turn to electric... read more

August 18, 2015 by  -
Kandi electric car (Image: Kandi Technologies Group)

Cue Kandi Store Jokes: Small Electric Car Goes On Sale In China

Kandi Technologies Group operates a car-sharing service in China that dispenses electric cars from vending machines. But now it plans to move into retail sales. So it looks... read more April 20, 2015 by 

Renault Twizy in New York City. Photos: Renault Official on Flickr

Renault To Return To N America With Twizy Low-Speed Electric Car?

Four of Europe's six mass-market carmakers have long sold cars in North America. The exceptions, for a quarter of a century, have been the two French makers: PSA Peugeot... read more March 1, 2015 by 

Electriquettes return to San Diego (Video screenshot)

Will San Diego Go Back To The Future With New 'Electriquettes'?

Wicker might not be your first choice of construction material when designing a vehicle, but the world was a very different place in 1915. If you lived in San Diego at the... read more November 19, 2012 by  0

Deb Seymour Little Zenn Car

Alt-Country Song Lauds Electric Cars, Though Cowboys May Cringe

There was a time--not that long ago--when country music was predictable. Usually it involved a dog, a pickup truck, and a lost lady-love. Then alternative folk came along... read more December 16, 2011 by  2

Renault Twizy Z.E. electric vehicle

2012 Renault Twizy Price Announced -- But Will It Ever Come To The U.S.?

A few years ago the idea that mainstream european automakers would be focusing so much effort on minuscule electric urban runabouts would have been met with derision. But a... read more October 5, 2011 by  9

G-Wiz charging in the U.K.

Fatal G-Wiz Crash: Victim Was On Phone, Not Using Seatbelt

We brought you news last year of a horrific accident, in which a woman was killed when her G-Wiz neighborhood electric vehicle, a model not sold in the United States, was... read more September 1, 2011 by  6

Shelby GT500KR Golf Cart

Dear Floridians: Golf Carts Are NOT Electric Cars

Electric car enthusiasts have struggled for years with "golf cart" jibes and only recently with cars like the 2011 Tesla Roadster and 2012 Nissan Leaf has the "ugly and slow"... read more August 25, 2011 by  9

E-Ride EXV2

Electric Cars Tested in Antarctica For Ultimate Cold Weather Test

It’s a well-known fact that just like humans, electric cars work best in temperate climates. But what is the coldest temperature an electric car needs to be operational... read more May 11, 2011 by  1

"Pimped" 2002 Lido Runabout

(NEVer) Pimp My Ride: $25k Custom Electric ‘Car’ Fails To Sell

What can $25,000 buy you? If you’re in the market for a new electric car it’s unlikely to get you much, although we’ve pointed out before those who live in... read more May 10, 2011 by  3


Chrysler Ditches GEM Low-Speed Electric Cars, Goes Mainstream

You wouldn’t know it, but until recently Chrysler was responsible for one of the most recognizable electric vehicle brands worldwide. But like the embarrassing cousin... read more April 26, 2011 by  6

Renault Twizy Z.E. electric vehicle

2012 Renault Twizy: A Closer Look, And Do We Need It?

Is it a car? Is it a scooter? No: It's a Twizy, which could be considered a combination of the two. If you're following the world of electric cars with a keen eye then you'll... read more March 9, 2011 by  6

Moduléo adaptable electric car, 2011 Geneva Motor Show

Silly Little Electric Cars Doing Damage To The Industry?

Tucked away in a little corner just off Hall 6 at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, something weird and frightening lurked. Hiding behind the shiny stands of Kia and Smart and... read more March 7, 2011 by  19

Green Vehicles Triac electric car

Triac Electric Car - Three Wheels, 100 Miles And $25,000

With the focus naturally going towards some of the big electric car launches we've had this year or established players like Tesla Motors, it's all too easy to forget that... read more December 20, 2010 by  15

Takayanagi Miluria retro EV

2011 Nissan Leaf? Far Too Boring In Japan...

If it ever really needed to be said, Japanese car tastes can be... "alternative", to put it in polite terms. As well as their Kei-Jidosha class of city cars that are... read more December 9, 2010 by  0

G-Wiz charging in the U.K.

Fatal G-Wiz Crash: Confirmed - Another Car Was Involved

Just over a week ago we discussed the aspect of electric car safety, specifically that of Neighborhood Electric Vehicles or NEVs, after 47-year old mother Judit Nadal was... read more November 1, 2010 by  1


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