Alt-Country Song Lauds Electric Cars, Though Cowboys May Cringe

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There was a time--not that long ago--when country music was predictable. Usually it involved a dog, a pickup truck, and a lost lady-love. 

Then alternative folk came along. And it brought electric cars with it.

Enter self-styled alternative folk singer/songwriter Deb Seymour, and her latest single, Little ZENN Car. It's a 3-minute tribute to her all-electric ZENN neighborhood electric car, which her biography informatively tells us is named Zöe. 

We also learn that Seattle-based Seymour loves hard hats and tools, and hates beer, by listening to some of her other songs: Mamma Wears A Hard Hat, Don’t Mess With My Tools, and Girders Of Steel.

While we’re not big fans of promoting a vehicle that can’t legally drive on the freeway, we give Seymour kudos for literally singing the praises of electric cars in this quirky number. 

Admittedly, not everyone likes folk or country genres. If you’re that kind of person, you should probably give Little ZENN Car a miss. While this author found her foot tapping to the song, not all the editorial staff at GreenCarReports agreed--by a long shot.

But if you have wide and varied musical tastes that include the odd bit of 12-bar blues, classical, country, and alternative rock, you’ll probably find Little ZENN Car fun to listen to. 

And just like the song Electric Car from alternative rock duoThey Might Be Giants, we guarantee that if you listen to Little ZENN Car, you'll be humming its tune days later.

For better or worse. 


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Comments (2)
  1. that was cute - she has a pretty decent voice.

    now if you really want some country, add a fiddle and a banjo.
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    Bad stuff?

  2. Electric cars are certainly inspiring. I created this music video about the Nissan Leaf for a contest last year.
    We have about 3,000 trouble free miles on our Leaf and just love it.

    Electricity is the ultimate "flex fuel". My car runs on the wind in my hair, the sun in my face, rain from the sky, and repurposed nuclear warheads! (Maybe a little natural gas too). Okay, I am a bit of an idealist, but this is a great alternative to deep drilling and oil spilling!
    Dwight Martin
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