Razor Launches New, All-Electric Performance ... Ummmm ... Vehicle

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The trouble with kids is that they just don't have enough ways to injure themselves these days.

If you're a parent who thinks this should change, then we can't think of anything with better arm-breaking potential than the Crazy Cart from Razor.

What the Crazy Cart is, is a shrunken electric go-kart on casters with a tiny seat and a vertically-mounted steering wheel. Or that's what it looks like, at any rate.

What it does is allow kids (or suitably light adults who haven't yet stopped acting like kids) to pull enormous drifts or dizzying spins using an e-brake-like lever beside the seat. This lever varies the rear caster angle to send the Crazy Cart sideways at every opportunity.

It's recommended (well, not recommended, but suitable) for kids aged 9 and up, with a maximum weight of 140 pounds. We suspect you also have to be relatively slight too, since only smaller adults and children would realistically fit onto the lunch tray-like dimensions.

The Crazy Cart uses two 12-volt lead acid batteries to supply power, while speeds of up to 12 mph are possible before the inevitable pile-up involving the neighbor's prized flower arrangements / dog / ankles (delete as appropriate).

There's also enough juice for around 40 minutes of running, provided your kid doesn't crash in the first five minutes and never touch it again due to flashbacks.

Flippancy aside, it looks insanely awesome and every man, woman and child in America should have one. Stress would be a thing of the past, and nobody would ever again call electric vehicles "boring".

It's also a bargain. Okay, so $399.99 isn't cheap for a kid's toy, but it's cheaper than a Tesla Roadster, which is the only electric vehicle that'd come close to being as fun as one of these things.

There needs to be an adult version. Shut up and take my money!


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Comments (9)
  1. I'm going on a diet. I gotta have one.

  2. Uhhh... As an ER doc, I guess more business for me? Geeezzz. Definitely going to have some head traumas and a lot of broken arms and dislocated shoulders. Even then, I would give it a whirl myself in a parking lot with no curbs. Wonder if my 180lb would burn out the engine?

  3. @Edmund:

    Don't count your money yet. Notice that the boy is wearing a helmet and has a mouth guard. Kids, especially Boys, crave excitement and danger...Toughens them up for the real world. Not any worse than soccer and football. :)

  4. @Happy: Many recent news stories have covered the horrific mental-health impact of repeated concussions in U.S. style football. I'd say a single spill off this thing--in the helmet & mouth-guard, as you note--is likely far less damaging (abrasions aside) than your average high-school kid simply playing tackle on his football team.

  5. They need to use Song 2 as the theme for this product.

  6. Looks fun. I would like to see a slightly bigger model being made that could handle up to a 200 pound adult driver and have top end of maybe 15mph. It would be real fun to whip around on and you could even use it indoors since it is electrically powered. I don't think I could get down to 140 pound since I am 5-10 1/2 and I bet Toys R Us could sell a even bigger version than can handle 200lbs with a little more room on it to dad for $599.99. The price is right at $399.99 and it looks like a real fun toy. I do agree that children should wear a helmet and mouth guard when riding it since it goes just fast enough to get hurt on. I recently replaced my 97cc doodle bug minibike engine with a Harbor Freight 212cc and it is a blast to ride around.

  7. Doesn't look that dangerous to me. As long as it always slides, instead of tipping over, then the only danger is running into things. In the video they seemed to have good directional control.

  8. Teaches them early that electric drive is better...

  9. Well, it is better than the drivers ed program I took in high school for learning car control. By the time they hit the streets, assuming an autonomous GPS is not driving for you, counter steering in a skid/spin will be an instinctive reaction.
    P.S. I Will build high performance knock -offs to order. LOL

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