Can Your Hybrid Cut Your Lawn? Here's One That Can

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A Toyota Prius is many things, but a convenient lawn mower isn't one of them. Useless, right?

Luckily, it is now possible to buy a hybrid lawn mower, known as the Raven MPV-710.

In many ways, a hybrid mower makes sense. After all, if you're making an effort to be green, you might as well try and cut down on gasoline usage in all your vehicles--even the ones that never hit the streets.

Almost a cross between ATV and mower, the Raven MPV-710 appears to be one of the highest-tech options on the market.

The hybrid tag may put you in mind of a Toyota Prius, but in reality this thing is more like a Chevy Volt--its electric motor provides the drive, while the single-cylinder 420cc gasoline engine is used to generate the electricity it uses.

Because of the electric direct drive, Raven says it transfers more power to the wheels than most mowers on the market, and it's smoother too. Top speed is 17 mph, three times quicker than most mowers, and there's enough torque to pull up to 500 pounds. Though to actually get any mowing done you'll still have to slow down to 5 mph...

As with any hybrid, the MPV-710's efficiency benefits are also important. Used as a generator, the Raven's engine is more frugal than other mowers, so you'll get up to 12 hours of running on a 5-gallon fill.

Some hasty math suggests economy of around 40 mpg, though that's only if it can run for the full 12 hours at its top speed. Not that anyone uses these to make long trips anyway, so just be happy it can sip gas at a slower rate than its entirely-gasoline equivalents.

It can also be used as a generator, for users wishing to power electric tools.

The price for all this technology, after a bit of digging, is around the $3,000 mark. Which doesn't seem excessive to us, given the technology. But hey--someone out there knows more about ride-on lawn mowers than us. What do you think of the new green option?

[Hat tip: Brian Henderson]


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Comments (11)
  1. I see a new racing class coming to the lawn-mower racing circuits (yes there are such things). A hybrid class.

  2. series-hybrid technology has been used for a long time. The benefit of efficiency, low complexity and better control are applied in many different application. Nuclear Submarine, Diesel Electric train, Large Mining truck, Space shuttle transport and Chevy Volt are just few examples. I don't see why it couldn't be use in lawn mowers, except for cost.

  3. Any plug-in option?

  4. Great idea but the main advantage is providing a variable speed drive without having a complicated Hydrostatic unit as in most ride on's. The other plus as reported being the ability to power hand tools which can be lighter quieter and cleaner than their two stroke cousins. I can see this being sucessful.

  5. Would an all electric make sense?

  6. Not if you have a huge lawn and need to mow acres of grass. Or you are a lawn care worker and need to mow multiple yards with no place to charge.


  8. Absolutely love the idea, When/If I get a bigger yard this will be a replacement for my small generator and fill the void for a ride-on-tractor. Not to mention a plow for the winter time.... Perfect

  9. I just got one two weeks ago. I love it! It's assembled in Lincolnton, NC by Denver Global Products. Parts are made in China. But so far this is the best mower/ATV/generator I've ever had.

  10. Add a nice raft and a propeller for liesure use.

  11. now all we need is an all-electric riding mower

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