How You Can Buy a 2013 Tesla Model S Now, With No Waiting

2013 Tesla Model S

Good news for rich, impatient, picky Tesla Model S electric-car wannabes!

If you're looking to buy right now--but can't abide a car sullied by a few thousand miles of loaner-car duty under the recently announced buy-it-now program--Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] now offers a new but little-known option.

Yes, you can purchase a brand new, top-of-the-line Model S with no waiting.

Today, if you order an 85-kWh 2013 Tesla Model S Performance version through normal channels, you're looking at a waiting time of about two months, according to the company's website.

(The wait is closer to three months if you want a more prosaic standard 85-kWh or 60-kWh Model S.)

But Tesla has a few dozen lavishly-equipped Performance models available in stock, for immediate delivery. 

Some of these $110,000  "inventory cars" were either orphaned by buyers who couldn't come up with the money once delivery day arrived.

Others were built as display cars for Tesla Stores, or to be used for other marketing purposes.

A small number of 85-kWh cars without the Performance package are also available, at lower prices, from inventory.

These cars are all new, with only a few break-in miles on the odometer. They carry a full new-car warranty.

The downside? You can't pick and choose your options, and the specific paint/interior color combination you want may not be available.

All inventory cars have been preconfigured with 21-inch wheels, the Performance Plus handling package, the panoramic roof, the technology package, and a premium sound system.

All colors are available--including the long-awaited multicoat red.

Most interior and decor accent options are also available, although not necessarily in all combinations.

As they say, "Buy now, while supplies last!"

David Noland is a Tesla Model S owner and freelance writer who lives north of New York City.


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Comments (2)
  1. It would be very interesting to know how many cars Tesla sells in this way, but I'm not holding my breath. It's surely no coincidence that all of these "available" cars are the high-end loaded performance models. That's how you spell -high margin-.

  2. Great news for a limited few, but a very limited few. It's always good to have options, of course, but considering the uniqueness of the Model S and price, I'm guessing 99% of the potential owners can be patient and would prefer to wait to get the specific vehicle options the owner really wants. But again, for a select few, great news.

    At home, my instructions before getting one are simple: sell the boat "we never use" and the motorcycle and then the Model S is approved... The motorcycle is getting sold this year, but unbeknownst to my wife, simply for a new one. Hey, I've got until 2015 to come up with Tesla Model S (or another EV, i3?) money.

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