Park A Regular Car In Electric-Car Space? In WA, It'll Cost Ya: $124

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EV parking sign, Portland OR

EV parking sign, Portland OR

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They call it being ICEd--the practice of Internal Combustion Engine vehicles parking in spaces set aside for electric cars.

It's the bane of many an electric vehicle owner's existance, pulling into their local parking lot to find the only charging spot occupied by some klutz in a regular car.

And in Washington state, it's a practice that'll cost said klutz $124 from now on.

According to the Associated Press, the state House approved a bill Friday that would see gas-vehicle drivers fined for parking in electric vehicle spaces.

The state's law requires electric spaces be marked with appropriate signage, but it isn't unknown for some drivers to be ignorant of electric space markings, or even park in an electric space deliberately.

The practice has been recorded on many electric car forums and social media networks with many vehicles named and shamed--but proper legislation now means offending drivers will get a $124 fine.

It'll also apply to electric vehicle owners who park but don't plug in, preventing other electric owners from charging.

Maybe it'll make ICE drivers think twice about blocking an electric car charging spot--that trip to the mall could become quite expensive.


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Comments (9)
  1. That's what I'm talking about! Good move by legistatures.

  2. fantastic! I'd love to see that.

  3. Just so long as someone doesn't unplug my Volt while it's plugged in at the charging station, resulting in me getting fined.


  5. "It'll also apply to electric vehicle owners who park but don't plug in, preventing other electric owners from charging."

    Great idea! The downside is that it will stop "plug" sharing between all the plugin cars. But I always thought that is a "bad" idea....

  6. It would also be helpful to impose time limits to charging locations. Fining ICE drivers is good, but it doesn't prevent plug-in drivers from hogging a space all day after their car is fully charged.

  7. Fee-based station will solve that problem as well. Maybe a 4 hr limit is reasonable...

  8. I didn't realize that I was ICE'd recently until I read this. Good move by Washington state!

  9. We cannot rule out rudeness and impoliteness in people. Selfishness is evident at any place people reside. That includes the many that use handicapped spots or park in no parking zones "for a minute."

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