Electric Lamborghini? Nope, Just A Rich Guy Who Can't Read

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Plenty of supercar makers are getting in on the electric car act, these days.

Porsche, Ferrari and McLaren all have hybrids and plug-in hybrids on the way--McLaren's was revealed just the other day.

Then there are dedicated electric supercars, like the Rimac Concept One, or Mercedes SLS AMG E-Cell.

Enough, even, to make a list of our favorites.

But we were intrigued when we saw footage from car spotter and photographer Ben Newsham, of what appears to be a Lamborghini Murcielago electric car prototype, handily parked in an electric vehicle parking spot.

That one had genuinely slipped in under our radar. Would it feature the company's now-typical all-wheel-drive system, or would it be a lightweight rear-wheel drive supercar attempt?

Would the new Italian bull be a full, battery electric car? Or perhaps it meant Lamborghini was planning to go the plug-in hybrid route, just like McLaren.

After all, drivers still get to enjoy their supercar soundtrack if there's an engine throbbing away behind them.

We were even excited to see what range of eye-searing colors the new car would come in--the prototype appeared to be painted in an interesting shade of sky blue.

But then we realized it wasn't an electric car prototype. It was a false alarm.

There'd be no plug. No prototype drivetrain, nor any speculation over just how much torque its electric motor would produce.

The car parked in the electric vehicle parking spot in the British parking lot is just a regular, gas-guzzling Lamborghini Murcielago SV.

And the driver, presumably, is a bit of a schmuck.


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Comments (8)
  1. This is something I've noticed, the Lamborghini is backed into the space. I'm confident that if the owner was confronted by someone or received a ticket they'd claim to have not seen the signs or charger. People do the same thing in spaces set aside for certain stores, they back in and pretend that they didn't see the sign. It's sad really, when your ICE'd it's because people are fine with breaking the law and being rude just for their own convenience, the space is closer to the door and they don't want to walk.

  2. And the driver, presumably, is a bit of a schmuck. Yes Antony there are plenty of those around for I have seen non EVs regularly parked in charging places at our local supermarket.
    Wish I had an EV so I could have them announce over the PA for the owners to vacate the spots.

  3. You Must Admit The Signage Is Not That Great. Perhaps A large Yellow And Red Well Designed Universal Sign Is Needed And Possibly The Ground Being Spray Painted In The Same Symbol. (As Disability Spots Are Done)This May Help.

  4. The cords should perhaps be a bit longer. Then you could charge your EV while blocking them in. "OOps sorry needed a charge, and didn't think anyone would be coming back so soon."

  5. How Can You Type Like This It Drives Me Crazy To Press The Shift Key Every Word.

  6. A lot of people, rich or not, have a sense of entitlement, almost to say "the world revolves around me." The signage needs backed up with a wrecker service. Imagine Mr. Bigshot coming out to see his fancy ride hooked on the back of an old fashion wrecker with its tailpipes scraping the pavement behind as it's towed to the impound lot. He'd probably park elsewhere next time.

  7. Reminds me when I used to work in Central London and we had Chained up allocated parking in an alley next to Selfridges. As I worked nights I would arrive about 7pm, leave my car a few feet away whilst I went an unlocked the chain. One evening, by the time I had walked back to my car and started to reverse, some oik in a white Porsche 911 had parked in the spot and disappeared. However I then locked the chain back in place and parked in another spot we had. What was even more amazing was how aggrieved he felt a couple of hours later when he re-appeared and had to get me to come back out to release his car! Needless to say I finished my dinner, dessert, coffee and had a little nap before I found time to deal with him.

  8. Schmuck!? Lamborghini driver!? Surely, not?!

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