Tesla Model S Update: 3,000th Electric Sedan Delivered In CA

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Tesla Model S parked in Menlo Park, California, March 2013 [photo: Eugene Lee]

Tesla Model S parked in Menlo Park, California, March 2013 [photo: Eugene Lee]

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In the last few weeks, it's almost become a cliche: drivers in Silicon Valley say they see as many Tesla Model S electric luxury sedans on the roads as they do Nissan Leafs or Chevrolet Volts.

With a likely total production of perhaps 6,000 cars thus far, the Model S is outnumbered on U.S. roads by both Volts (34,000-plus) and Leafs (11,000-plus).

But Model S owners may be disproportionately concentrated in California, as a new piece of random data tossed out by Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] goes to show.

In a post last night on the "Inside Tesla" blog, the company's George Blankenship notes that, "today we registered our 3,000th Model S in the Golden State."

If random sightings, blog posts, and our own observations are to be believed, large numbers of those cars seem to be concentrated in a 50-mile radius of Tesla's Palo Alto headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley.

Right outside our own High Gear Media headquarters in downtown Menlo Park, it's now common to see not just one but sometimes two Model S sedans at stoplights.

The photo above was snapped by one High Gear Media staffer en route to lunch: just another $80,000-plus Tesla Model S all-electric luxury sport sedan parked at a public meter.

In any case, the industry and electric-car advocates alike will be waiting eagerly to see what sales numbers Tesla provides for the first quarter of 2013.

Those numbers won't arrive until Tesla files its quarterly 10K statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission in late April or early May, since (as we note routinely) Tesla doesn't see fit to provide monthly sales numbers like every other operating automaker.

We'll also see if Tesla provides an actual number or continues with the practice it started last quarter of stating "approximate" deliveries.

In any case, industry analysts who watch Tesla data obsessively can take note: The company says there are now 3,000 Model S cars on California roads.

Which is clearly a laudable accomplishment.

Now we'll wait for those first-quarter delivery numbers.


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Comments (8)
  1. Thanks for the California update. On the nit-picky side, I see no evidence that the Model S in your picture is parked at a "public meter", and if it is, the car is certainly not plugged in. Just sayin'...

  2. Parking spaces with numbers are metered for parking payment. Not a charger. This is the good thing about teslas over leafs. More range means less need to plug in at work.

  3. I am serious, they are everywhere here in Bay Area. Daily sighting is easily the case. On a nice weekend, I see up to 5 of them per day... They are certainly more popular than Jaguars...

  4. I was in SF this past week and saw six over two days. Only one leaf and two CMax Energi. No volts.

  5. Most of the Volt owners doesn't live inside SF. You would have to go to North Bay, East Bay or South Bay to see the Volt and Leaf. Tesla S is everywhere though...

  6. I cannot go a day without seeing one... Literally... And often, we see 5-10... Now, admittedly, we're in the heart of Silicon Valley, but it's still nice.

  7. A far cry from 3000, but I would bet money that Texas has at least 500 Model S vehicles registered now. I saw 10 in a single parking lot in Houston last night for an informal owner meetup.

  8. Interesting. Although I own one myself, I've only see two others on the road here is San Diego since the end of Dec. and one was down from NorCal.

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