Had To Happen: Tesla Model S Spawns 'Teslacessories' Startup

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Tesla Model S with DISRUPT license plate, March 2013 [photo: Sam Villella]

Tesla Model S with DISRUPT license plate, March 2013 [photo: Sam Villella]

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Accessories are a huge part of the auto business, and for every car, somewhere there's a business (or a few dozen) offering aftermarket items the manufacturer hasn't, can't, or won't provide.

And so it turns out to be for the Tesla Model S, the all-electric sport sedan from Silicon Valley startup Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA].

Founded by Tesla owner Roger Pressman, who took delivery of a very early Model S with serial number 00184, Teslaccessories.com plans to offer aftermarket add-ons for the Model S.

The company's first product is the Center Console Insert, which slides into the empty center tray on the floor of the Model S just ahead of the front seats.

The Console Insert has stitched leather sides and a carbon-fiber pattern top surface, and it contained both a cupholder and a closeable compartment with a sliding tambour door.

The pricing is not given on the company's website, although there's a signup procedure to get on a priority waiting list for the item (which the company says was released last week).

Signing up on a waiting list is a process Model S owners will be familiar with, since Tesla took deposits for Model S reservations up to three years before it delivered the cars.

With something like 5,000 cars delivered to date (Tesla won't say), and production at 400 cars a week, the pool of Model S owners is growing every day.

Center Console Insert for Tesla Model S offered by Teslaccessories.com

Center Console Insert for Tesla Model S offered by Teslaccessories.com

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And you can view the arrival of a dedicated aftermarket firm exclusively for the vehicle as another tiny indicator of success for Tesla Motors.

It won't make any difference to the company's viability as a global auto business, of course.

But the launch of Teslaccessories.com can be viewed as yet another bit of validation by a member of what have to be some of the most enthusiastic--if occasionally critical, or at inquisitive--owner bodies of any new car in the world.

We look forward to hearing about additional aftermarket accessories for the Tesla Model S.


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Comments (6)
  1. If you are like me and don't know.
    "sliding tambour door." --> think of a roll top desk

  2. We wish Roger the best of luck on his new venture. I ordered a custom CCI from him on Tuesday. Lots of folks are happy with it just the way it is, but the lack of compartmented storage space is probably the number one complaint heard about the interior design of Model S.

  3. Tesla is not "scared" to release its Electric-car Sales Data, if you would have done a little investigative reporting you would have found Tesla's publicly available SEC filings. In particular Form 10-K (Annual Report), where I found this;
    "We began shipments of our second vehicle, the Model S sedan, in June 2012. Model S is a four door, five-passenger premium sedan that offers exceptional performance, functionality and attractive styling. As of December 31, 2012, we have produced over 3,100 Model S vehicles and delivered approximately 2,650. We achieved our steady-state production run rate of 20,000 vehicles per year in December 2012."
    It is a sad day when a reader has to point out poor reporting.

  4. @Jacob: Did you actually read the linked article? Every major automaker in the U.S. reports its monthly deliveries within a day or two after the month closes. Tesla apparently has no interest in reporting accurate numbers, so it uses words like "approximately" and "over" rather than the specific data.

    For the last quarter of 2012, the company said (as you note above) "approximately 2,650" cars had been delivered. That's not a specific number, it's the total for Q3 and Q4, and offers no useful information on month-to-month changes.

    Tesla also reports those numbers up to six weeks after the close of the quarter to which they apply, not monthly. I stand by the article.

  5. Yesterday's Tesla blog says they have been producing 500 a week.

  6. Give me a brake. Production reached 500 cars per week some time ago.


    And Tesla is planing to get to 650 per week level by September.

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