NYC To Get 10,000 Electric-Car Charging Parking Spaces?

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New York City could be about to make a major step towards increasing electric car adoption in the city.

NTC Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants a fifth of all new parking spaces to be wired up for, and set aside for electric vehicles.

According to Transportation Nation, Bloomberg's prepared notes for Thursday's State of the City address said electric car spaces would be written into city building codes.

“This year we’ll pilot curbside vehicle chargers that will allow drivers to fill up their battery in as little as 30 minutes. We’ll work with the City Council to amend the Building Code so that up to 20 percent of all new public parking spaces will be wired and ready for electric vehicles.”

Zoning laws in the city require parking spaces to be built with every new building--typically, under or next to the building.

10,000 spaces per year are created this way, and around a fifth of those may now be set aside for electric cars. If the proposal goes ahead, over 10,000 new electric vehicle spaces would be created over the next seven years.

That would hugely increase the number of available chargers, too. Currently, the City has 100 public charging stations, with another 120 for the city's own fleet of electric vehicles.

Private companies have installed several more, with around 400 expected by April.

When we tested a Mitsubishi i back in August, we found public charging relatively easy to locate--if expensive. Currently, there are just over 2,000 electric cars registered in the five boroughs of New York, so charging is little issue.

10,000 extra spaces should make things even easier however, and encourage more drivers into electric cars.

Two curbside developments with fast-charging stations would also be tested, allowing compatible electric vehicles to recharge in only 30 minutes. One of these, outside the ConEdison Building, will serve NYC's fleet of six Nissan Leaf taxis.

The proposals haven't yet been confirmed, and there's plenty of red tape to cut through before projects like this go ahead--but it would certainly make plug-in vehicles a more attractive option in the city.


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Comments (8)
  1. the biggest thing would be if they let All electric vehicles or EREV's like the Volt or Karma cross the lincoln tunnel for free. people would buy these just for the free fare

  2. I disagree. Free or reduced tunnel fares for ev only vehicles like Teslas n Leafs...not plug-in hybrids.

  3. I hope he picks Better Place for wiring, because A they already have thousands installed, B its utterly reliable, as opposed to other providers as retold by fellow readers

  4. this is significant! its the first initiative of its kind where an entire city is getting fully on the EV bandwagon. Other cities need to follow! where is Seattle, LA, San Diego, San Fran?? cmon you guys! you are being left behind!

  5. Hasn't NYC stated they will be using the Nissan 200's for Taxi cabs? Won't there be an electric version of those? What I would like to see is a good spread of electric cabs using these new stations so that the biggest user of roads (taxis) are driving electric.

    I see a few DHL and USPS trucks in NYC which are electric-only. Nice to see that kind of support. What I do also see are limo drivers idling outside buildings for hours and taxis idling for hours while in taxi lines. I stay in a hotel next to the Port Authority bus terminal (40th st) a lot - tons of diesel noise in there from the busses of various size. Sure would be nice to quiet down the neighborhood :)

    I do use a plug at one NJ Transit train station for my Volt: 120V plug.

  6. Well those new taxi cabs will be more fuel efficient n much more driver/user friendly(especially for the handicapped) then ancient designs of the crown vic but ev Nissan 200s are probably a few years away. Perhaps a plug in hybrid 200 would be a good transition car to eventually get to ev 200s.

  7. I would suggest that rather than just provide such EV-only parking/charging spaces randomly, real EVers can apply for a space to be installed that suits their needs. The one thing that will cause more resentment to ICE drivers than seeing lots of EV-only spaces with EVs charging in them is lots of EV-only spaces always empty!

    This way they can save money by not installing under-used EV chargers as well as provide a useful charging facility for those who have already bought an EV. It'll also encourage the fence-sitters to take the plunge, too, knowing that they can apply for and probably get an EV parking space that is useful to them. Also, seeing EVs all about charging will also raise the EV profile, generally. MW, Herts, UK

  8. I think your concerns are unwarranted.
    The requirement of 10 or 20 percent of all new building parking spaces be ev only spaces able to charge those vehicles is a great way to slowly increase the ev charging infrastructure over time. The owners or tenants of these new buildings will know years ahead of time that there will be these ev only parking spaces in their new buildings which will enable those folks to obtain an ev to use/park there. This is a great idea n should be implemented everywhere else! How 'bout at least 10% in new buildings this decade, at least 20% in new buildings next decade and so on. Build it n they will come!

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