Nissan Leaf: World's Most Popular Electric Car At 50,000 Delivered

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Nissan Leaf sales pass the 50,000 mark

Nissan Leaf sales pass the 50,000 mark

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Nissan's Leaf electric car has become the highest-selling electric car of all time.

The company has now sold more than 50,000 examples of the Leaf, sold across Japan, Europe and the U.S.

Since the car went on sale in 2010, those 50,000 Leaf owners have racked up over 161 million miles. In reality, that figure is probably even higher--Nissan can only monitor those Leafs equipped with the Carwings telemetry system, and not every owner has registered.

Naturally, that's higher than the 100 million electric miles covered by Chevy Volt drivers, whose electric range is smaller--but together, owners of the two cars have racked up significantly more than quarter of a billion electric miles.

Throw in Teslas, the Mitsubishi i, and other plug-in hybrids and battery electric cars on sale today in the U.S. and elsewhere, and that figure could be over half a billion miles.

Just consider for a moment how much gas that's saved in just two or three years of sales--not to mention the lack of tailpipe emissions.

Individual Leaf owners are certainly racking up the miles too, with one Spanish owner having clocked up almost 27,000 miles in one year alone. One Japanese owner has driven almost 109,000 miles in total in his Leaf--the highest Nissan is aware of.

Despite some issues with battery degredation in hotter areas of Arizona and elsewhere, Nissan says the Leaf has the company's highest customer satisfation rating, beating all its other models. Over 95 percent of Leaf drivers are satisfied with their cars.

That also echoes findings with the Chevy Volt, which has topped several customer satisfacation surveys in its limited time on sale. It seems that electric vehicles are comfortably matching the expectations of owners.


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Comments (8)
  1. I believe there is a UK owner on Leaftalk who has done about 30k in a year, I could be wrong, but I'm sure I read it on a post.

  2. Well, I've got a 2011 Nissan leaf in the UK -- and I've just about completed 32,000 miles :)

  3. So you had the car about two years? hows the range holding up, any big drops or anything?

  4. Although I just got my Leaf yesterday and i've done about 85 miles, but it'll be alot more soon.

  5. We only have about 10,000 miles on our leaf but it has exceeded our expectations. Nothing but praise for the leaf

  6. A 109,000+ mile LEAF Odometer is impressive!

    Wonder if highest mileage was a LEAF taxi? It would be interesting to see daily average mileage for LEAF Taxicabs.

    If we assume the miles were accumulated over 2 years**, this means driving an average of ~150 miles per day, (~210 mile daily avg if driving 5/7 days a week). Starting each day with a full charge & an additional charge to make this possible (be it a 30 min quick charge, or a Level 2 mix).

    For reference, driving a more typical 30 mile daily average adds up to ~22,000 over two years.

    ** ~95% of LEAFs are less than 2 years old (1st deliveries were made Dec 2010)

  7. Good, not great, for Nissan. The Leaf is a good, fun car to drive. I'm hoping the slightly better range, lower prices, and being built in the USA help Nissan sell at least 25K Leafs in the US this year.

  8. Bah humbug! Why such a poopy pants? Being number one isn't good, it's great!.

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