2013 Ford Fusion Energi: 21 Miles Of Electric Range From Plug-In Hybrid

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2013 Ford Fusion Energi

2013 Ford Fusion Energi

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The guessing is over, as Ford has revealed full EPA mileage figures for its 2013 Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid, after teasing its 108 MPGe highway rating a few weeks back.

Joining the C-Max Energi in Ford's plug-in hybrid lineup, the Fusion Energi touts a combined 100 MPGe in blended electric mode, with city and highway figures of 108 and 92 MPGe.

In regular hybrid mode, combined mileage is 43 mpg, with 44 mpg city and 41 31 highway.

The Fusion's official range is 620 miles, 21 of those on electricity alone. Electric-only top speed is an impressive 85 mph, meaning silent highway cruising.

That means the Fusion Energi offers better electric range than the Toyota Prius Plug-In (11 miles) and Honda Accord Plug-In (13 miles), but less than the range-extended Chevrolet Volt.

The figures in hybrid mode also lag behind those of the Prius and Accord plug-ins, the former managing 50 mpg combined, the latter 46 combined. The Accord plug-in also offers greater blended efficiency, with an official 115 MPGe.

The Volt, for comparison, gets 98 MPGe in electric mode, and 37 combined on gasoline for the 2013 model year--but as any Volt owner is sure to tell you, the near-40 mile electric range provides the opportunity for some spectacular gas station avoidance--more so than its rivals can offer.

So where does that leave the Ford? Electrically, in a better position than its rivals, though the Prius may still rule on long, gasoline-fueled journeys.

On price, the less sophisticated Toyota is still cheapest at $32,000, followed by the $39,145 Volt, $39,495 Ford and $39,780 Honda.

The choice may come down to how they each drive, and how many miles of electric range you require--but there's no doubt that the choice of competitive plug-in hybrids is improving all the time.


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Comments (13)
  1. "In regular hybrid mode, combined mileage is 43 mpg, with 44 mpg city and 31 highway."

    Is that a typo? Do you mean 41 mpg instead of 31?

  2. Also, should we apply the correction factor to Ford's EPA ratings? 20% reduction in real world driving?

  3. Hybrid mpg is usually better in the city.

  4. Yes but a 31 Highway would drag the combine down much more.

  5. @Xiaolong: Yep, that was a typo. We've corrected it now. Thanks for reading with eagle eyes!

  6. an internet user "charlesF" produced a good formula for MPG vs. Electric range:

    MPG = EV Range * -0.36 + 50.58

    So, it is clearly a tradeoff between E-range and its extended MPG. You got to pay to get that Electric Range.

  7. A factor not mentioned in this article is that the fusion is a sedan, not a hatchback like the Volt. I own a Volt, love it, but would very much prefer the extra space of a sedan.

  8. While I like the look of this car, what makes it a better purchase than the Chevy Volt?

  9. 5 person seating is about the only reason, I think....

  10. BTW, we haven't been able to find a picture of the trunk of those so called PLUGIN sedans (Accord and Fusion).
    Why? B/c they are tiny and neither automaker want to show that to the public.
    It almost makes the car "useless". NOT only you lack truck space, you also lose the "pass thru" capabilities in carrying anything long or wide... It becomes solely a 5-person carrying car.
    If you want a practical plugin, then C-Max Energi, Volt or even the PIP (yes, I said it) are more practical if you need to fold down the rear seats and carry some slightly larger item from time to time....

  11. According to Ford's website, Fusion Energi's trunk is ONLY 8.2 cubic feet in size!!!!

    Now we know why there aren't any picture of it in the public...

  12. It is perhaps worth noting that the "blended mode" in the energi probably does not actually use any gasoline during the blended mode test. In that way it is closer to the behavior of the Volt.

    The PiP on the other hand uses significant amounts of fuel during its 11 miles of blended mode operation.

  13. what da people want is pure electric - with gas back up. have volt - never put gas in it. drive out of town to just put fresh gas in it. GM is going to "win" with this technology and the paddle regen shifting. regen shift is still not proven - but the progressive regen shifting is so fun/important.

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