Ford Fusion Energi Plug-In Hybrid: 108 MPGe Bests Prius Plug-In

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2013 Ford Fusion Energi

2013 Ford Fusion Energi

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Ford has announced official EPA mileage figures for its latest plug-in hybrid, the Fusion Energi.

Set to join the C-Max Energi in Ford's range, the new plug-in Fusion becomes America's most fuel-efficient sedan, with a rating of 108 MPGe in city driving.

That puts it 5 mpg ahead of the Toyota Prius Plug-In in city driving, and ahead of some pure electric cars too, like the 94 MPGe city-rated 60 kWh Tesla Model S.

Whether those figures will be enough to sway customers from the less expensive Chevy Volt is a different matter.

At $39,495 in SE trim, the Fusion Energi costs $350 more than the Volt, and doesn't benefit from the full $7,500 federal tax incentive either, increasing the pricing gap.

Of course, the Fusion may be the better choice for people who need that fifth seat, and should be more efficient in hybrid mode too.

Buyers will no doubt be keen to see whether Ford's economy claims live up to promise, too--as the company faces lawsuits over the gas mileage of the Fusion and C-Max hybrids.


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Comments (5)
  1. Can we show a trunk picture of the Fusion Energi, please?

    I saw Accord Plugin's trunk. If most of you have seen what I have seen, none of you will be impressed with it anymore...

    BTW, did Ford "game" the EPA test in this one too?

  2. Serious!!
    I have also been looking for information on the Fusion Energi trunk. Best I can get is the salesperson said it was like the Fusion Hybrid, but bring that large block across to the trunk opening. That may be about 18-24 inches available inside to the trunk lid. For my wife that would be a deal breaker. I notice one of the youtube videos shows stowing the Fusion Energi 120v plug in cord in the trunk base.

    Gaming the mileage? No more than the Chevy Volt claiming 230 mpg a few years back. Seems toyota prius has been the most consistent to real world results. I just figure folks who expect 47mpg will rightfully be upset if they are getting 20% less. Ford better get into damage control mode.

  3. Well, Volt's 230mpg is the MPG calculated without using electricity energy.

    It was "never" an EPA rating. Although I do agree that is "fake" MPG number and nothing more than marketing talks.

  4. Unfortunately you are correct. My Plug in Prius has a flat cargo area floor which is a plus for me as is the hatch back. I did see a photo of the Focus Energi cargo area and it is largely used by the traction battery. Toyota seems to understand that even those of us who like plug in cars also use the cargo area. I am averaging only 111 mpg.

    The Fusion plug in is a nice looking car and it is great to see such mileage figures.

  5. MPGe is useless. Miles per kWh is a much more useful metric. Pure electric cars are the most efficient because they use NO gas. Therefore, infinite MPG. To say that somehow a PHEV is more efficient at using energy than a pure electric through clever math is very disingenuous.

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