The Tesla Model S Electric Wagon We Wish They'd Build

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Tesla Model ST wagon render by Theophilus Chin

Tesla Model ST wagon render by Theophilus Chin

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High-performance wagons are easy to appreciate. Plenty of utility, but none of the sacrifices that practicality usually implies.

If they look great and run on electricity, like Theophilus Chin's render of a Tesla Model 'ST', then all the better.

Chin's render (via Autoblog Green) is so slick you'd think it came from Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] itself.

The long, elegant body of the regular Model S lends itself to the wagon shape, and the end result isn't dissimilar from the recent Jaguar XF Sportbrake, one of the best-looking wagons on the road.

In fact, we've a nagging feeling it looks even better than the regular Model S. There's little doubt it'd add  to that car's practicality too, perhaps enough to swap the two small booster seats for a full rear bench.

The Model S's wind-cheating aerodynamics might suffer, and we'd expect a weight increase too--but it'd be a small price to pay for such an elegant "sport tourer".

Tesla Model ST wagon render by Theophilus Chin

Tesla Model ST wagon render by Theophilus Chin

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It's unlikely to see the light of day, though--Tesla already has a larger seven-seat vehicle on the way, in the shape of the falcon-winged Model X crossover.

What other vehicles would you like to see from Tesla? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.


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Comments (30)
  1. Wow. That would be one beautiful, beautiful wagon.

  2. But that doesn't come with a diesel and 6 speed manual.

    And you are okay with that?

    This is a change...

  3. No, I am not OK with that. I was simply commenting on the aesthetics, which are extremely beautiful.

  4. I prefer the Model X.

  5. What I'd really like to see is a two-door version of the Model S. Same profile, same body sheetmetal, just a single, larger door for the driver. This would overcome the single biggest drawback of the car for tall people like me--the contortions required to get in and out.

    Better yet, follow the lead of the Hyundai Veloster and put one big door on the driver's side, and keep the original double-door configuration on the passenger's side. That way, everybody wins.

  6. Complaint of the day "contortions" needed to get in and out. That's the first I heard of that one.

  7. I agree with you Chris, and I am 6'4" so I have grounds to judge. David's complaint certainly applies to the Roadster as a video of me trying to get in could make "Amerca's Funniest Home Videos". With the Model S, not so much.

  8. Thanks for the support. It's a pretty weird complaint for a guy who claims to have actually ordered the car, yet the sort of heart felt enthusiasm one would expect from someone in anticipation of a car like the Model S always seems notably absent from his postings that mostly appear to be about sharing fear, uncertainty and doubt about Tesla. Bit odd really. Why not order the Veloster and save a bundle...

  9. A smaller version of the Model X. I hope they do some kind of seven seater on the gen 3 chassis. With either falcon or sliding doors. I love my Mazda5 but wish it were electric!

  10. I'd like to see a small, affordable car the size of a C Max but for no more than $30k.

  11. It would be a great idea, even better with 4WD. This would enable even larger items to fit in. As far as the roof racks are concerned, I think owners will accept that if they put anything up there, it will affect their range.
    The station wagon attracts a different clientele than the SUV crowd which the Model X addresses, and would be a Fisker Surf and Mercedes E-Wagon competitor.
    The Bluestar and accompanying smaller SUV will address the lower end of the luxury sport market which is currently crowded with gas guzzlers. Maybe there will be a hatchback Bluestar to compete with the likes of the Acura TSX and the Audi Allroad.

  12. National Geographic Super Car Tesla Model s

  13. Even better looking than the sedan, and the added utility would be worth a small decrease in range. Wagons are coming back -- all the utility, none of stupid truck tires & low efficiency.

  14. Amazing how well this car works as a wagon unlike a design like the Fisker Karma that immediately falls apart if one changes a single line as the Surf and the Atlantic prove.

    I think this is a better way to do an "extended version" of the Model S than the Model X both in terms of looks as in the fact that it should be substantially lighter and aerodynamic giving it better range. OTOH: SUVs are probably the more popular vehicle type so it's understandable that Tesla takes that route.

    They should do this too though. It's a relatively cheap way to diversify and this should really sell like hotcakes.

  15. Chris, I was thinking exactly the same thing, at first sighting. Then I noticed that with inclusion of the frunk, and the jump seats, and the hatch, that the S already accomplishes 95 percent of what a wagon does with 0% of the tooling costs.

    Stepping up to the size of the Model X next, does make some sense from that perspective. OTOH, I was thinking a convertible S version would be great also! All in due time I suppose.

  16. Agreed, the Model S already has class leading interior space, but in marketing there is such a thing as a "lifestyle wagon"; vehicles that are bought for the "active" image they give their owner so I definitely think that for very little extra tooling cost Tesla could substantially expand the market for the Model S with this design, though probably somewhat at the expense of Model X.

    Convertible would be great but they are niche products and it generally means a lot of re-engineering. Also it would face in house competition from the new Roadster Tesla is contemplating, though a convertible version of the Model S might be an attractive and cost effective alternative for that.

  17. How many regular luxury sport wagons sell each month in the US? Let us look at all the Audi, BMW and Mercedez wagons above $50k.

    It is NOT enough to keep Tesla going.

  18. Think about it: carmakers aren't keen on pushing wagons in the US because of the way the emission mandates work. They push trucks instead, leaving a fairly virgin territory for Tesla that would actually gain emission credits for every wagon it would sell.

    Developing clever products is what will keep Tesla going.

  19. You call it "lack of pushing" by the automaker, I call it lack of demand.

    If there are demand, the automakers would have made them available. For the money, US buyers would rather upgrade to a luxury SUV over a sports wagon.

    It is an "image" thing, NOT a practicability thing. But how often does buyer in the above $50k range care about being practical? (vs. having a certain image)

  20. Frankly, it doesn't really matter what you call it. The effects of the emission mandates on the US carmarket is a well known fact.

  21. There are more comments in this thread
  22. Hopefully the new Li/air batteries will be able to reduce the battery pack weight and allow for lighter EV's, Tesla would benifit a lot with the 80KWhr cars since the battery pack alone weighs 1800lbs and imagine cutting a few hundred or more pounds of the weight would do for range handling and performance.

  23. A $100k Wagon?

    No Thanks.

    I think the energy and investment is better spent on the Model X and/or the "blue star" sedan.

  24. Quite nice. :)

  25. Cool rendering. I like the idea of Tesla wagon but I'm guessing they aren't popular right now. I was surprised when Volvo stopped making the V50 in favor to 'crossovers'. Seems like everyone is going to 'crossover' because American's want little SUV's. Luckily the models has TONS of storage because of the Frunk and huge boot, but I could see dog owners wanting a Wagon. Maybe in 2016 or you could have modified version. :D

  26. "the Frunk and huge boot," No, No, No.
    You have to stick with the American English. Model S has a Frunk and a trunk.

    In British English the correct terms are
    Froot and Boot.


  27. I think you're onto something, John. Maybe it's just me but I always felt like "frunk" was vaguely obscene somehow. Froot is better...I think.

  28. Wow, I bet that would add lots of cargo room to an already roomy car. Since it also would share all the mechanicals with the sedan so it would be rather easy for Tesla to add one to their lineup. It would be an easy way to change the Model S into a sporty crossover with a ton of cargo room however they don't want to cannibalize the Model X sales either. I wonder if Elon will see this and what he would have to say? I could see Tesla adding a sport wagon to the mix.

  29. I want this car!!!! I current drive a BMW Sport Wagon but.....WOW!!! Love all of the clean lines.... Please don't tell me that I have to wait.... can I place an order now?

    Love the price as well... will there be any rebates? THANK YOU TESLA for such a beautiful automobile!!!!! Don't want to wait.....(/:

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