LAX To Drop Free Parking For Electric Cars In March

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Los Angeles International Airport [Photo by Flickr user asmythie]

Los Angeles International Airport [Photo by Flickr user asmythie]

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Been enjoying the perk of free electric car parking at Los Angeles International Airport?

Try not to get used to it then, as from March 1, 2013, you'll have to pay just like everybody else.

Los Angeles World Airports has confirmed, via Carstations, that LAX will no longer be providing free parking to owners of electric cars. You can read about it on their leaflet (.pdf file).

It isn't all bad news, though.

The majority of LAX's electric car charging stations have recently been upgraded, "to allow for universal use by today's technologically advanced electric vehicles."

Not only have they been upgraded, but electric car owners can still charge for free--even if they have to pay for the space itself.

As Carstations speculates, the new parking charges for electric vehicles may also lead to private lots undercutting them and offering free charging--so electric vehicle owners should keep their eyes peeled for a better deal.

All good things must someday come to an end, right?


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Comments (5)
  1. So all good things must come to an end but bad things just go on and on? On a happier note, maybe the silver lining is less resentment from the ICE crowd. I really don't want my new Tesla to get keyed.

  2. It was a great perk while it lasted. You can pay up to $2/hr. to charge at a Blink charger, so considering the charging is still free at LAX, subtract that from the hourly parking rate and you still make out better than ICE. They need to make those spaces EV parking only, and enforce it!

  3. So does anyone have recommendations on where to park after March? I called Wally Park and they said they can accomodate but only have 110v chargers. Thx

  4. Level 1 (120 volt) charging is more than adequate for airports. You'll be parked for at least a day, so your battery will be fill when you return.

    We're hoping to convince LAX parking to install Level 1 at their long term Lot C.

  5. I'd be okay with paying for EV Parking as long as they have charging stations.

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