2013 Ford Hybrids' Gas Mileage Generates First Lawsuit

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2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid

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It isn't just Hyundai and Kia in deep water over misleading MPG claims--now Ford is the subject of a lawsuit over the MPG of its hybrid models.

The federal lawsuit concerns the fuel economy of its most recent hybrid models, the C-Max Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid. Filed on December 7, the lawsuit says Ford's marketing campaign highlighting the vehicles' economy is "false and misleading".

According to Consumer Reports, plaintiff Richard Pitkin of Roseville, California, wants Ford to reimburse him and other owners the purchase price, and rescind sales of vehicles purchased in California.

It also seeks to stop what the lawsuit calls "false advertisements", and wants Ford to carry out an informational campaign to correct what it calls "misrepresentations and omissions".

Ford's issues aren't dissimilar to those faced by Korean duo Hyundai and Kia, both of which were found to be mis-stating EPA fuel consumption figures on a wide range of models.

The EPA ordered both makes to correct their advertised figures, and both companies have set up a system to reimburse owners misled by the inaccurate figures. Both companies are involved in similar lawsuits from disgruntled owners.

Ford has maintained that each car's official 47 mpg is still possible with the right driving style. Despite escalating coverage of the issues with real-world fuel economy, sales for both models have remained high,

We noted back in November that the new hybrids didn't appear to be meeting their official fuel consumption figures, of 47 mpg combined.

Consumer Reports then confirmed this in early December, recording figures a full 20 percent lower than EPA during their own tests.

Ford has confirmed it is aware of the lawsuit, "but cannot discuss pending litigation."


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Comments (19)
  1. It is much easier to complain then praise... If the cars can still achieve what they have advertised, whats the big deal?! Manufactures aren't telling you how to drive, If you so happen to drive in a way thats diminishing to Fuel economy, even just driving "normal" still not quite meeting estimates(even the prius falls short in this regard) sometimes. Your milage may very is said time and time again.
    Otherwise, i would classify a majority of owners in the "look at me and my new eco car" driving like they're Racing, off the lot not even "broke in"... At least 85% of the U.S is on winter blend fuel. Tires losing air pressure, More Idling, Longer warmups, Lots-o-cargo during the holidays, Traffic, colder ambient temps..

  2. And to add, California has there stringent emissions stadards as well whilst temps might not be a huge issue, in Cali.. EPA done exclusively, with average speeds of 48mph for its cycle, under controlled tests. Then people expect to get the same mpg while cruising 70mph and much higher rates... Averaging for greater speeds... Theres a coworker who just got one begging Dec. So far averaging 45-46mpg this winter about 50/50city/hiwy. It could surely get 50-55mpg easy once the temps rise... Very nice car! Just a bit outta my price range tho... >.>

  3. Thinking about it, i could probably have an easy time reaching 65-70mpg with this bad boy with my longer work commute.

  4. I have been thinking about that too. Even though I drive an hour on the freeway to work then back, I find myself frequently hovering around 60-65 MPH, especially on the way back after work with lots of stop and go on the freeway.
    I want to find someplace where I can rent one for a week and see if my driving can hit EPA or above. If I can then I would seriously consider buying it. If I'm wrong then I won't get one.

  5. Ford C-Max Hybrid Lawsuit: C-Max Sold by Hyundai! Not Ford! I didn't know. http://cmaxchat.com/?p=1371

  6. haha...Whooops. "copy and paste" strikes again!

  7. What a waist of time and energy! Do people really belive that kind of publicity? Only if you believe that the earth is flat and that the sun goes around it! And if they are misleaded by the advertising the cars stil do better than the others. And if they engage a lawsuits against Ford they will have to o with the others. Sometime I'm really suprise by the nonsense of some matters, but it must be me, how can all these men can be wrong!

  8. As long as Ford can demostrate the EPA results, then the lawsuit is pointless. The EPA results might NOT correlate with real world driving, but that doesn't mean Ford is "misleading". It just means that Ford has figured out a way to "game" the EPA fuel rating and it is time to update the EPA test to closely reflect the real world driving.

  9. The problem lies with the EPA and their unrealistic test figures. Corporations will exploit any loophole to get maximum mileafe figures, regardless of morality or integrity. Corporations, for the most part, have no consciences. Remember Ford's decision not to fix an $11. part in the exploding Ford Pinto's, believing the fix would cost more that the litigation from dead people's families?

  10. Good old Ford. Always putting the satisfaction of their owners first. In response to this latest debacle, they are issuing a pole and a sheet that can be used to catch breezes and increase gas mileage. Another Ford innovation. You heard it here first !

  11. Let's get this straight: the EPA provides official gas mileage figures, which an automaker then quotes on their advertising. Then some consumer mag disputes those figures and now the Feds are suing. But who are they actually suing? Their own Federal sister agency which provides the official figures? Can't sue them, regardless of what they do or say. Why hasn't GM or Tesla been sued for their range and energy consumption claims, which
    can easily fall 20% below EPA official figures?

  12. @Kent: No, the Feds are not suing. Read the article, perhaps? The individual named is suing in Federal court. There's a bit of a difference.

  13. We purchesed the Ford Cmax because of the report of 47 Miles per gallon. We havent got more then 37.4 mpg since we have owned this vehicle. I would'nt have made this purchase if I knew that they were so far off on there claim. Very mis-leading.
    What does Ford Motor Co. Plan on doing about this mis representation about the Cmax. I WANT MY MONEY BACK!!!!!!!!!

  14. It's a nuisance suit Honda and Hyundai are already going through this .Who is at fault is Consumer Union who used spurious data running the Hybrid unit at speeds different from Government test.Consumer Reports has a vested interest in seeing Ford and GM fail since the chief testers have left to work for Nissan .Consumer Reports data has become even more biased and they sound like FOX news. .

  15. "According to Consumer Reports, plaintiff Richard Pitkin of Roseville, California, wants Ford to reimburse him and other owners the purchase price, and rescind sales of vehicles purchased in California.

    It also seeks to stop what the lawsuit calls "false advertisements", and wants Ford to carry out an informational campaign to correct what it calls "misrepresentations and omissions"."

    A man after my own heart!

  16. I have a new 2012 Fusion Hybrid with 2,600 miles. My mpg ranges between 31 and 33 mpg. I am very disappointed with the mileage. Does the lawsuit include the 2012 Fusion Hybrid or just the 2013? I am ready to look for another vehicle and count my losses!
    Bill T.
    Moscow, ID

  17. This is the problem when you say 47 city 47 highway and avg 47 so what is highway speed ? 65 in most states ! So people that try to defend the numbers don't have a leg to stand on . We own a 2013 fusion hybrid an have over 1200 miles on it and the avg is now 40 mpg if you drive 60 all the time and never come to a compleat stop and never step to hard on the gas pedal and no AC I think you can get 45 ! But this is not realistic if you say 47 47 47 you would think you could get 43/44 ? But 40 . We had a 2010 and I could get 56 mpg with no AC and staying at 45 MPH this car 48 ? It I n
    Know there is some brake in time but this seems to low if you push a little hard it takes away all your gain , I think I is a programming issue . Never 47 mpg

  18. I am very interested in the 2013 Ford Fusion Energi and am looking forward to test driving it. I simply wont buy a car if it isn't fun to drive. I was seriously considering the Tesla S, but at 65k I simply cant afford it. This car at 40k I can. And I like its styling. I don't like the Prius, Leaf, Volt or any other plugin/EV car out there today.

    My commute is 80 miles roundtrip so an EV with low range is a non-starter. I drive mostly freeway miles so an electric car tends to be less efficient at 70 MPH, but my expectation is that the price of gas is going to hit $10 a gallon in a few years and I want to hedge my bet.

    Other than Tesla, I have minimal interest in an all electic car. For me the PHEV is hte way to go and the Energi looks awes

  19. We would not have even looked at the Fusion Energi if the current 88mpg claim was on the sticker, as we upgrade when we can double our mileage, and our 2010 Prius regulary gets 47-50mpg, which takes the Energi out of consideration. That, plus the method of calculating the "customer satisfaction program 14B03" check amount is full of low numbers: $3.54/g gas, 12K miles driven per year, got us to an $850 check. We haven't seen $3.54 gas in years here in CA, and our annual miles are over 16K. Ford says it will make no more adjustments. I wonder if the courts will agree. The whole thing seems fraudulent to me. Ford sending a check without being sued or prompted indicates to me that they likely feel the same. The car they sold us doesn't exist.

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