Nissan Bringing All-Electric Compact SUV Concept To Paris Motor Show

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2012 Nissan Hi-Cross Concept live photos

2012 Nissan Hi-Cross Concept live photos

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For some time, we’ve known that Nissan’s long-term electric car strategy includes developing several more electric models over the next few years, including commercial vehicles and luxury cars. 

Now it appears that an all-electric SUV may feature in Nissan’s future, with the news that it plans to unveil an electric compact SUV concept car at this year’s Paris Motor Show.

“At Paris...[Nissan will] have an SUV concept, with zero emissions; so an electric SUV concept vehicle,” Jeff Fisher, Nissan Australia’s General Manager of Media Enquiries told last week

Although unconfirmed, it could be based on Nissan’s Hi-Cross hybrid concept car we saw in Geneva this year. 

Designed as a replacement for the X-trail -- a compact SUV similar in size to the current Nissan Rogue and popular in Europe and Japan but not sold in the U.S. -- the Hi-Cross was powered by a 2.0-liter supercharged, direct-injected four-cylinder engine and Nissan's new hybrid CVT drivetrain.

Evolving the Hi-Cross into an all-electric concept should be fairly simple, especially with the powerful 80 kilowatt-motors from the 2012 Nissan Leaf available.

Nissan Hi-Cross Concept - 2012 Geneva Motor Show

Nissan Hi-Cross Concept - 2012 Geneva Motor Show

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“[Hi-Cross] was a compact SUV concept; X-Trail is a compact SUV so you can draw your own conclusions,” said Fisher. 

With cars like the 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV already in (limited) production, Tesla promising its Model X crossover compact luxury SUV by the end of 2013, and Mitsubishi planning to bring a plug-in hybrid SUV to market in the near future, an all-electric SUV would be a smart move for NIssan. 

However, it’s worth noting that unveiling an electric concept car does not necessarily indicate Nissan has production plans for an electric SUV, even if it has already invested over $4 Billion in electric cars, 

Do you think Nissan is developing an electric SUV? Would you buy one? 

Let us know in the Comments below. 


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Comments (11)
  1. I drive a Jeep Wrangler and want an electric replacement. This kind of news gives me some limited hope for the future.

  2. an Electric "non compliant" SUV is very much needed in the marketplace. give it a real 100-120 mile range and it could easily be used for taxi's, package delivery, shuttle services, etc.

  3. based on your description, wouldn't an electric "minvan" make more sense instead of eSUV?

  4. I am already planning to buy whatever is on the market when my Leaf lease expires in two and a half years. The Leaf is just too small for my needs. Something like the Rogue with an all-electric drive would be precisely what I'm looking for.

  5. It's my theory that the biggest cause for the Leaf's lacklustre sales, more even than price and range is its looks. I think people can forgive a car a lot of things if it looks cool and the Leaf just doesn't. A cool looking SUV might rekindle interest in Nissan's EV program, though Nissan needs to address the range issue as well. Of course all those dreams do nothing to alleviate the price problem...

  6. A 80 kW motor seems weak for compact SUV, or crossover. Would expect a motor in the 110 kW (150 HP) - 135 kW (180 HP) range. The feel of the EV driving experience is critical to broader acceptance & adoption. An electric motors' torque helps create a great experience provide it's backed with sufficient power.

    Since a SUV/crossover tends to be used to carry a wider variation in load type, it would be nice to have a bit larger battery capacity. A range between 150km (95 mi) and 200 km (125 mi) would provide added flexibility for road & weather conditions.

    Wonder if a new Nissan compact SUV concept EV will made use of an aluminum body to save weight like the Infiniti LE EV? Tesla's Model S and Model X also have aluminum bodies.

  7. As much as I would like an all electric car or SUV, like many others the range just isn't there. I know many people "just" commute but it's not unusual for me to have to take off to Atlanta and that's about 250 miles from my house in Charlotte. It won't work.

  8. In your case, a Volt would work.. Most of your commute is electric and when you drive to Atlanta, you can just do it in one tank of gas.

  9. Won't work for you.

  10. Come on Chevy - put Voltec in an Equinox. You know you can do it!

  11. I bought a Nissan LEAf EV about 1.5yr ago. I also have three kids - 8,5,1. We can fit a booster seat and two car seats in the back, but it is tight. If Nissan came out with an Electric SUV, our family would definitely be interested.

    I'd like to see Nissan show further leadership and develop a network of charge stations, along the model of Tesla, but not just for Nissan customers.

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