Chevy Volt Buyer Proves You're Never Too Old To Buy An Electric Car

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2012 Chevrolet Volt

2012 Chevrolet Volt

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If you examine the demographics of the ‘average’ electric car buyer, you’re likely to find out that they are educated to at least college level, drive less than 50 miles per day, and have a household income of at least $125,000 a year. 

The mean age of an electric car buyer? Just 45 years.

But one couple in Carroll County, Virginia, has proven that you’re never too old to make the switch from gasoline to electric. 

Enter 101-year old Edward Heine and his 85-year old wife Hya, who have just traded in their Jaguar for a 2012 Chevrolet Volt. 

According to the Carroll County Times, Edward no longer drives, but purchased the Volt for his wife to drive after she expressed an interest in the plug-in hybrid. 

“If you’re going to live, you should be up to date, and try to be technologically intelligent,” said Hya. 

Six years ago, the couple built a new house, to the amazement of family and friends.

2012 Chevrolet Volt

2012 Chevrolet Volt

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“I don’t believe in lying down and taking off my shoes, and that’s the end,” Hya explained. “I want to keep going. So does he, as much as he can. So that’s how you live.”

The couple’s ‘never-too-late’ philosophy can be seen in other areas of their life. Edward and Hya married 41 years ago, when Edward was already 60 years old. 

Rather than buy the car outright, the couple decided that leasing was the smart choice. “In two years, I’ll trade it in,” said Edward, explaining that the couple believed plug-in technology will have advanced a lot by then. 

“I don’t expect to be alive, but my wife will be,” he added. 

What makes Edward Heine special?

During his formative years, cars like the 1915 Detroit Electric, and 1913 Baker Electric would have been common sights on the roads of the U.S.

In other words, Heine has lived long enough to not only see the electric car become popular for the first time, but also to see its resurgence some 100 years later. 

Then again, Heine’s driving history, like his age, is worthy of note. 

According to his wife, Heine started driving at the age of 16, and purchased his first car in 1937 aged 26. 

In 82 years of driving, he claims to have only dented his car four times.

We hope the Heines enjoy their new plug-in car, and experience many happy miles traveling together in it. 

And remember: You’re never too old to change your driving habits (or your car).


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Comments (13)
  1. What a very cute story.

  2. They are mind kind of people. Will show this story to an eighty year old friend that I have been trying to convince to buy a hybrid. He is worried about the payback as he might not realise it???

  3. As a Volt owner and Volt fan, I love to see people buying the Volt. But I am NOT sure if I want 85 year old people driving all the time.

  4. Its down to ones competence,I have seen all ages of drivers lacking the skill to drive safely. To categorise an older person as incompetent just reveals an air of arrogance and ignorance without knowing the individual details.

  5. Sure, you can find all ages of drivers lack driving skills. But when people get older, hearing, vision and reaction times all degrade significantly. Those are facts... We are NOT talking about the worst of worst, we are talking about "average", and "best case" physically... When I am 85, I certainly hope the car has auto pilot mode...

  6. Since you like "facts and averages" the first survey I pulled up showed age 75 and older had fewer accidents per yr than any other age group bar 19 yr old and under group.In this group the younger drivers had more fatalities which was probably due to excessive speed. The greater number of accidents without fatalities in the older group was probably minor fender benders since its statistically proven they are more at risk of death in speed related accidents.Its still down to an individuals ability but the problem lies whether they recognise a decline and choose to rectify this before causing an accident.

  7. Are those stats "normalized" against condition that they drive and does it correct for mileage that they drive?

    We all know that most old people don't drive after dark (due to poor vision) where fatal accident happens more often (more drunk drivers on the road).

    If you look at the average mileage driven by the older people, it is usually less than 1/2 of the commuters. Also, they drive slower. Slower doesn't mean it is right or safer. It is just mean that it will have less energy during collision resulting in less fatalities. But slow merging on the hwy are NOT safe practices...

  8. Before answering lets establish and quantify your original response to my post-"But I am NOT sure if I want 85 year old people driving all the time" I assumed you meant they were less safe and liable to more accidents a bias view held by many.Did I misinterpret this?

  9. Some states are adding "more frequent" and additional testing for older drivers during their driver's license renewal. CA requires anybody older than 70 to appear in person to renew their DL. That renew comes with vision and hearing test.

    Sure, if they can pass those "tests" then it should be an indication that they are "competent" to drive. But like I said, on average, older people have worse vision, hearing and reaction times. That is why I don't want them to drive when they don't need to.

    Do you remember the senior driver that drove onto the hwy in the wrong direction and end up killing people? Sure, plenty of "younger" drivers drink and drive, speed and racing, usually end up killing others too. I don't want them to drive either

  10. The difference are Younger drivers are lacking brains and older drivers are lacking physical skills...

  11. That may be true but what is also true while "you" may not "want" them to drive there is absolutely nothing you can do to prevent it unless you change professions.
    And regardless of your skirting around the details, facts are the aged group still have lower number of accidents "period" except the ones mentioned above.

  12. My "want" doesn't always become true. I wish that is the case, but it doesn't always happen...

    It is still my right to have "my want"...

  13. @Xiaolong Li...Glad to hear it!

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