CARB Renews Electric Vehicle Fund With $27 Million

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California has long been known for its efforts to reduce pollution from vehicles, and efforts to popularize hybrids and electric cars.

The California Air Resources Board has now taken that one step further by approving a $27 million fund for its Air Quality Improvement Program (AQIP).

Much of this fund will be used to incentivise the purchase of zero-emission and plug-in hybrid cars. The California Energy Commission will contribute a further $5 million.

"This unique incentive program makes ultra-clean cars affordable for more Californians, helps slash smog-forming pollution and cuts greenhouse gas emissions" said CARB chairman Mary D. Nichols.

As well as plug-in passenger cars, $10m of the fund will go towards zero-emission trucks and buses, with $2m being used for advanced-technology demonstration projects.

Since the scheme began in 2008, the AQIP funding has already helped to put over 7,500 green cars and over a thousand trucks and buses on California's roads.

All in all, the new funding should help California on its target of one in seven new cars being zero-emissions by 2025.


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Comments (2)
  1. Anyone expecting hybrids (or any gas powered vehicles) to still be in production come 2025 must have rocks in their head. Are these unelected bureauocrats living on Mars? I would also love to see an honest, public debate over the assumptions and claimed effects of these subsidies. Today I saw an article that showed
    US CO2 emissions down to virtually their 1990 levels. The reason
    was the recent substitution of natural gas in place of coal for producing electricity, due to the shale gas being produced in massive quantities. Coal used to produce 52%, but now accounts for less than 34% of power produced. That not only didn't cost the taxpayers one cent, but actually is saving consumers many billions in electric bills. And more to come.

  2. Well clearly Kent by 2025, Chirprp. Now future seems hazy. Chirprp. Crystal ball down. Chirprp. Cannot comment. Chirprp. Communication difficult at eye of red storm. Chirprp, rocks obscuring visor. Chirprp. Will try again later.

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