GE Opens Electric & Plug-In Test Center In Eden Prairie, Minnesota

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The most effective way of getting regular consumers to warm to electric vehicles, hybrids and other alternative fuel vehicles is to get them behind the wheel.

The same applies to business customers, who may be in a position to buy a fleet of green vehicles to replacing ageing current fleets. That's why GE has opened an electric and plug-in test center in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.

The Vehicle Innovation Center will become a meeting place for business fleet buyers, industry groups and researchers, who can then test-drive hybrids and plug-in vehicles.

Better still, those interested will be able to compare a mixture of vehicles and alternative fuels in one place, allowing them to make the most relevant decision for their fleets. Chevy Volts, Nissan Leafs, Coda Sedans and several other electric, hybrid, natural gas and hydrogen vehicles can be pitched head-to-head in a test track environment.

The idea is sure to catch on in other regions, and we can't help feeling that the idea has potential for car-buying consumers wishing to get a better idea of what's on the market too.

If you could test the market's electric and alternative-fuel offerings in one place, would you prefer that as a buyer? Let us know in the comment section below.


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  1. Proponents of all-electric vehicles ignore a very important issue: every battery plant is a toxic waste site in the making. That for the 3-5% energy efficiency gain they offer. A natural-gas/electric hybrid makes much more environmental sense.
    The Energy Centrist

  2. I would like to go to one place and look at all the electrics coming out. Not having to drive all over Hell-n-Creation would save a bundle in electricity.

  3. Eden Prairie, Minnesota, huh? Is that a new hotbed of automobile sales? The Census Bureau puts its population at just shy of 61,000 people. Wow, just imagine the traffic! Really. You just have to imagine it, cuz they don't know what that means there. I guess that makes more sense than, oh, I dunno, Los Angeles or someplace that actually even has car dealerships. Apparently, now, GE brings good things to light only under 10 feet of snow.

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