Want A 2013 Tesla Model S Signature Edition? Too Late, They're All Gone

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2012 Tesla Model S

2012 Tesla Model S

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If you were hoping to get your name down for one of the exclusive 2013 Tesla Model S Signature Editions, you've now left it a little too late.

According to Tesla, the company has sold every one of the initial run of cars, all of which are packed to the roof with equipment, use the larger 85 kWh battery pack, and start at $95,400.

That, says Inside Line, includes the $105,400 Signature Performance model. Each gets carbon-fiber accents, performance wheels, active air suspension and sport-tuned traction control, as well as other toys.

The news hits as Tesla's Model S configurator goes live, allowing fans and potential customers to delve into great detail to build their ideal Model S.

Base Model S cars start at $57,400, and a wealth of options is available, from a $3,750 tech package with xenon lights, navigation and keyless entry--among other things--to a $950 12-speaker audio system and $1,500 air suspension.

The base model also gets the smaller 40 kWh battery pack good for around 160 miles of range, rather than the 250-300 miles promised from the 85 kWh car.

If you've missed out on one of the early specials, fear not--Tesla is still taking $5,000 deposits for the regular Model S. Deliveries of the first Signature Editions are due to start on June 22.


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  1. In 17 days, 25 hours and 11 minutes (more or less) the first Model S will be delivered to a customer. Aside from the presumed fact that at that point the owner will immediately attempt to obtain a 400 mile run on a single charge, thus winning Tesla's prize for being the first owner to do so, I predict that event will mark the true beginning of the age of electric drive. At least I believe the car to be the first truly capable and extremely desirable electric car ever produced.

  2. [chuckle] I rather suspect that about 30,000 Nissan Leaf owners might disagree with you ... but reasonable minds may differ on what comes down to a question of how you define "desirable".

  3. The Leaf is fun to drive EV car and it’s zero to 40 mph will out accelerate many gasoline cars since the electric motor has all it’s torque available from zero rpm. Some people are using it for racing around cones as mentioned in another article here in “All cars electric” since an EV has instant and consistent throttle response unlike a gasoline engine which does not deliver as smooth and consistent power as an EV over its rpm range.

  4. As of May 30, Tesla bean counting fans report that Tesla has sold the first 11,190 vehicles they will build.

  5. That's what make a Signature desirable, they're exclusive and you get to jump to the head of the line. At this point I'm sure that you can still get on a waiting list for those that cancel their reservation. Go Tesla!

  6. You can buy a million dollar house that comes with one....I think the owner has number 300 to be produced shortly...


  7. Tesla made a smart move by only delivering the more expensive loaded 85KW hour Model S signature editions first rather than spending too much time getting the lower 40KW Hr edition Base Model S ready which buyers will have to wait until latter this year to be available. This is a smart move on Tesla since only the 300 mile Signature edition will be available for reporters and automotive magazines to review along with the 2nd level charging system that will allow full recharge of the 85 KW hour pack in a mere 3.5 hours at home with the 220 volt charger. 440 volt charging will charge the large battery pack in a mere 45 minutes in Signature edition Tesla Model S. Tesla is leading off with its trump card first the high end Model S signature.

  8. Actually I believe base 40-kWh Model S cars will not be available until at least next spring, possibly longer, based on statements by either Tesla or Elon Musk.

  9. @John Wow, It looks like Tesla was able to turn this into an exclusive affair, Ultra high end options like carbon fiber accents and the sports edition 4.4 second zero to 60mph loaded with every option they offer. At $105,400 for the load 4.4 second zero to 60 Signature sports edition is $48,000 dollars over the base Model S starting price. Will the 230-mile range at $10,000 over the base price be offered right away or will buyers have to wait. I think the $10,000 for an extra 70 miles of range and level 2 charging ability are quite worth it especially as the battery pack ages since you tend to loose some driving range as a battery ages.

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