Tesla Invites The World To Model X Unveiling, Teases A Picture

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2013 Tesla Model X crossover teaser

2013 Tesla Model X crossover teaser

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Normally, automakers unveil their latest model in one of two ways: on the main stage of an big automotive show, or at an exclusive, invite-only evening event. 

Tesla, in keeping with the method preferred by most boutique and luxury automakers, tends to unveil its cars to exclusive audiences at a pre-arranged reception event.  As a consequence, unless you’re an existing customer, shareholder, die-hard fan or member of the press, getting tickets can be pretty tough. 

But on February 9, when Tesla will show the world its all-electric 2013 Model X Crossover SUV for the first time, you won’t need an invite to its Los Angeles design studio to take part. 

In fact, all you’ll need is a computer and an Internet connection. 

How was it announced? Online of course, courtesy of Tesla’s larger-than-life CEO Elon Musk. 

“The Model X unveiling will be webcast live on teslamotors.com at 8pm on Feb 9th,” Musk tweeted on Saturday afternoon. “Most cars are pretty blah,” he continued. “This is not.”

And if the teaser image released by Tesla at the end of last week is anything to go by, Musk might be right. 

Included on the latest email mailing invite to the event, the barely-visible three-quarter front silhouette shows the Model X’s front grille, headlights, hood and partial roofline. 

It’s tough to tell anything from the image, but we think the Model X looks like it has a roofline similar to the BMW X7, while its front end reminds us a little of the Porsche Cayenne. 

But what do you think? What can you gain from the dark teaser image?

Let us know in the Comments below. 


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Comments (7)
  1. Well, don't ask people from the "Grist" what they see in the EV. They see some EV shapes and strange things pop into their mind, e.g. cute M.I.T. EV.

  2. Said to be a full 7 passenger vehicle and have performance probably identical to the various Model S variants, including, I think, the ultra fast Signiture Series. I'll stick with the Model S, but from the looks of the front, Franz von Holzhausen may have penned a design as good as his Pontiac Solstice. Holzhausen was a GM castoff - way too much talent, apparently, for dumpy Govt Motors.

  3. Typo.....BMW X6 there is no X7

  4. This is one of the only concepts I'm looking forward to this year. I wonder how long we'll have to wait until someone finally builds something electric to compete against Tesla?

  5. Actually Tesla is. The Model X will steal the Models S' thunder. Not smart to divert attention from the Model S so short before it's launch.

  6. No it won't, they are two differant body styles. And besides the Model X is only being introduced as a concept, and the Model S is headed into production. But I meant that no other company has even announced any electric cars that are as capable as Tesla's.

  7. i dont think the X will take much from the S. although they are touted as 7 passenger vehicles, i never considered the S to be more than large 5 passenger vehicle with extra storage.

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