Aptera’s Remaining Assets To Be Auctioned Off In 10 Days

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Aptera Lidquidation

Aptera Lidquidation

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One week ago, we heard the tragic story that Aptera Motors, which had planned to bring the ultra-efficient Aptera 3-wheeled vehicle to market, was closing for good

Then on Wednesday this week, YouTube videos surfaced showing what appeared to be Aptera Employees smashing prototype Aptera body shells. While the videos were uploaded on Wednesday, it later transpired that the videos were shot during the summer, shortly after founder Steve Fambro left the company. 

We were able to clear up a little on the origins of those videos yesterday when Fambro gave first public interview since leaving the company. Confirming that he believed the videos were shot during the summer, Fambro was also able to tell us that he had seen some of the surviving prototype vehicles through the window of the now-closed Aptera facility after liquidators moved in. 

Aptera 2e production intent vehicle

Aptera 2e production intent vehicle

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Now Aptera liquidators Heritage Global Partners have announced the remaining assets of the Aptera Corporation will be sold online, with viewing of the former facility and stock taking place in 10 days’ time. 

The assets listed, which include the usual office and kitchen equipment associated with a large business, as well as car trailers, pickup trucks, laboratory and workshop equipment, will all be auctioned online between December 20 and December 21.

While much of the specialist equipment used to create and test the prototype cars is listed, there’s no official mention of the remaining prototypes, although the final “Key Asset” is listed as being “50,000 + square feet of eclectic assets!!”

If you’re interested in bidding for any of the remaining assets of Aptera, including an Aptera Foosball table, you can find out more information at the official Aptera liquidation listing page.


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Comments (4)
  1. A waste of time worrying about Aptera

  2. Sure, but I can't help myself.

  3. Looks like bad leadership at this place. Listened to the TransportEvolved interview and Steve said you need a Billion dollars to start a car company and admitted that would never happen. Then why create a car that no one really wants to drive? Wasting all the investors money, allowing employees to trash assets and then post to Youtube and his total design obsession looks like it killed the company! I think I said way back when I was interviewed on Transport Evolved that I thought this product would never succeed.....since it was an EV...... I hate to be right!

  4. In an earlier comment I stated the chances of key assets being sold off as ...unlikely. I like when my being wrong means something good could happen...unless assets are sold to an agency to disappear down a black hole to never be seen again. I'll be curious to see how this unfolds.

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