Volt Owners Speak Up, Say It's Safe, Rave About Their Electric Cars

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2012 Chevrolet Volt

2012 Chevrolet Volt

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It's been a tough few weeks of publicity for the Chevrolet Volt, the extended-range electric car that's the green halo vehicle at General Motors.

Now, despite sales below GM's announced target and an NHTSA inquiry into fires in the lithium-ion battery pack several weeks after they were involved in destructive crash tests, Volt owners are fighting back.

Late last week and over the weekend, more than 50 Volt owners have added their name to an open letter entitled "Why We're Keeping Our Keys," including none other than former Michigan governor Jennifer Granholm (Volt # 3748).

First promoted on the 250-member Facebook Chevy Volt Owners group and published late Friday in the Detroit Free Press, the letter says, "We are keeping the keys to our Volts. We love our Volts and we feel safe driving our Volts."

Indeed, those feelings seem to be universally shared by the Volt owners we've spoken with.

"It has been a great car since I've owned it," said Silicon Valley resident and venture capitalist Brett Bullington, "Great quality, handles nice, good power, comfortable, I recommend it to my friends, my kids drive it!"

"I just love driving my Volt!" he continued, noting that he's "getting 287 mpg now, down from 325 mpg."

2012 Chevrolet Volt

2012 Chevrolet Volt

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Governor Granholm even defended the Volt on her public Facebook page, replying numerous times to uninformed and hostile posts on the Volt from commenters.

She too posted the Free Press article, declaring bluntly, "Best. Car. Ever. And I'm not alone in my love affair with the Volt."

The letter spread quickly around the electric-car world, including the influential CalCars website, and if you follow these things, you may well see more coverage of it today.

The letter from the Volt owners ends on an optimistic and forward-looking note:

Lastly, we encourage every driver in this country to test drive a plug-in electric car for him- or herself. There is only one way to really know the electric car experience – and that is to drive one.

We are leading the way for a new movement in America – a movement to bring the joy back in driving, save money, and invest in our future. We look forward to you joining us.


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Comments (11)
  1. Makes me wonder how the public/political response to the Prius "unintended acceleration" scare and the Volt "might catch on fire if crashed" scare compare.

    I guess there is no way to accidentally have your Volt catch on fire in a way similar to a Prius unintentionally accelerating.

  2. It still amazes me that the Volt hybrid electric is the only one having this problem. It's not like the Volt hybrid electric is the only one of hits kind on the road. If the battery is the problem, that should be easy to fix...just buy American produced batteries. If it is not the battery, then GM should reconsider the hybrid part of the car. It also amazes me that they got that safety award.

  3. It's the only hybrid with a battery this size, liquid cooled and Li-ion. The only electric cars on the road in any numbers - the Tesla Roadster and Leaf have a battery larger. And the Leaf is air cooled.

  4. The safest way to handle this situation is to not remain in your Volt three weeks after it has been crashed. Please ensure you exit the vehicle within the first week of the crash, rather than remaining in the vehicle. If your Volt has been in a major accident, then I'd suggest caution and having it checked out just like a gasoline powered vehicle.

  5. john,

    can you write about something other than gm ? this section is for electric cars, of which the volt is not.

  6. @EV Enthusiast: As we've covered before, we take an expansive view of the term "electric car". We do not limit it solely to "battery electric vehicle" as it appears you would like us to do. Rather, we include all vehicles that plug into the electric grid to recharge a battery pack that provides motive power through one or more electric traction motors. This greatly expands the scope of our coverage, and reflects the many plug-in solutions now on the market and soon to come. Battery electric vehicles are far from the only way to use electricity to travel.

  7. if it wasnt gm, you would not be writing so many articles about the volt. every time it has a hiccup, you write about it.

    since "all cars electric" is now a part of green car, it makes more sense to write volt articles in the green car section, where the hybrids should be.

  8. Quit saying "battery electric vehicles" no one says "battery electric cell phone" or "battery electric iPad". I think most people realize that electric cars have batteries. The Volt stirs up this conversation once and a while because it blurs the line between electric and gasoline power so well. But you have to admit a hybrid is called a hybrid because it uses both gas and electricity, and although the gas engine doesn't drive the wheels in the Volt gas will be burned to drive the car after the electric range is gone. Maybe it's time to change All Cars Electric to All Cars Plug-in. (P.S. This is not an anti Volt comment I am merely debating the term/terms used to describe it's powertrain.)

  9. hi cd,

    don you know if the prius plugs into the electric grid to recharge a battery pack that provides motive power through one or more electric traction motors ?

  10. I really think the volt looks cool,I am going to try one out,287mpg
    almost excited to drive one. Like to see how acceleration wood be for freeway driving.

  11. You must be logged in to post your comment.volt= garbarge, ranked 12,untech, outdated p.o.s. even when it came out. they should made the e/v 1 with better battery, or the best thing they could do is release a batteryless tech. way ahead of time. I have a electric scooter that runs without batterys.

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